Cora Jakes Coleman, the Daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Addresses the Accusation That She Has Stolen Another Woman’s Child Through Manipulation After Her Ex-Husband Richard Brandon Coleman, aka SkiiVentura, Was Arrested for Alleged Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, and Who Happens to Still Be in Jail in Waxahachie, Texas on $150,000 Bond – Daniel Whyte III Tells T.D. Jakes, as You Know, We Love You and Respect You and We Believe That You Are a True Gifted Man of God, but With All of Your Wisdom, You Will Not Be Able to Offer to Split the Baby Like the Wisest Man Who Ever Lived, King Solomon, Because the Baby is Obviously Ms. Michelle Loud’s. Sir, You Do as You Please, but Please Do Not Make This a Legal Matter, Even Though You and Your Family Are Saying the Child in Question Was Legally Adopted, and Nobody Has Any Reason Not to Believe You on That. But if You and Your Family Look at This Woman’s Video, Crying for Her Baby and Accusing Your Daughter of Stealing Her Baby and Not Be Moved to Give That Baby Back to His Mother, This Could Be the Undoing of Your Great Reputation and Your Church’s Reputation, for Multiplied Thousands Are Taking the Side of This Poor Woman Already. And Yes, Sir, I Am Well Aware That There Are Women Who Lie and Play Games to Get Attention and Get What They Want. But I Do Not Believe That This Is the Case Here, and My Humble and Respectful Advice to You Is to Take This Out of the Hands of the Lawyers and Not Make This a Legal Matter but Make This a Love and Compassion Matter. Step Up and Be the Father and Tell Your Wife to Be the Mother She Should Be in This Matter and Take This Baby From Your Daughter and Give the Baby Back to His Mother, for the Sake of the Ministry God Has Given to You and the Good Name That You Have Protected for Years. Even Though This Is Concerning Your Daughter as an Adult, the World Is Seeing This as a Family Issue Because You Would Be Considered the Grandfather and Serita the Grandmother, and No Doubt There Are Already Some Bonds of Attachment That You Have for This Child. So I Am Lovingly Suggesting You Do the Christian Thing and Give the Child Back to His Mother and Ask if You Can Visit the Child, Help to Support the Child, and Be a Part of the Child’s Life. As You Know, Sometimes for the Sake of the Great Ministry God Has Given You Around the World, Somebody Has to Suffer Loss. In This Case, It Would Be Your Daughter Cora Jakes Coleman and Your Family. As You Know, if You Don’t Handle This Right, It Could Be Your Undoing and You Could End Up as I Have Warned You in the Past Like Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church and Brian Houston of Hillsong Church. I Have Great Love in My Heart for You. You Are Going to Have to Take Control Over This Situation and End It, and With the Help of Somebody, Get It Off of YouTube Quickly, Because the Enemies of the Cross Are Having a Heyday With It. Also, as You Know, Dr. Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live Loves You and Respects You and He Does Not Want to Deal With This Again and You Should Not Want Him to Deal With This Again. But if You Don’t Deal With It Now, His Audience Is Going to Demand That He Deals With It Again. And Dr. T.D. Jakes, as I Mentioned Today Before This Story Came Out in the Christian Post, in Our “Standing Between the Living and the Dead Prayer Memorial Devotional Evangelistic Service” in the Noontime Hour, the Situation That You Are in Now Is What I Spoke About Called the Hidden Biblical Principle of UNRAVELING. You Are in the Dangerous Process That God Allows When He Wants to Get Your Attention, and That is the Hidden Biblical Principle of UNRAVELING. UNRAVELING is When God Begins to Allow Things to UNRAVEL in Your Life, in Your Church, in Your City, or in Your Nation, Until You Correct Some Things in Your Life. While in This Death Spiral, the Longer You Wait, the Faster the UNRAVELING Process Will Begin to Go, and Before You Know It, You Are in the Same Situation as Bill Hybels and Brian Houston. What I Know About You Is That You Are More Humble Than They Are, You Are Smarter Than They Are, and You Are Wiser Than They Are, So I Have Confidence That You Are Going to Do the Right Thing and MAKE THIS GO AWAY in a Righteous Manner, No Matter How Painful It Will Be.

In an Unplanned, Extemporaneous, Impromptu Message, Daniel Whyte III, Who Was Actually Preaching a Message Titled “How to Overcome Temptation,” Lovingly, Humbly, and Respectfully Calls on Dr. Russell Moore to Do as Dr. Richard Land and Dr. Michael Brown Have Done in Rebuking the False Prophet, False Pastor, and Heretic Andy Stanley, and to Pull His Friends Ed Stetzer and J.D. Greear Back From Supporting and Propping Up Andy Stanley and His Attempt to Get Churches to Include Openly Practicing Homosexuals and So-called Married Homosexuals as Members of the Church. What Church Leaders and Pastors Do Not Understand Is That This Whole Tragic Exposure of Sexual Assault and Sexual Molestation Probably Would Have Never Come to the Light of Day on Earth if Pastors Such as Andy Stanley, Ed Litton, J.D. Greear, Ed Stetzer, Otis Moss III, and Others Had Not Pushed and Had Not Started Allowing Practicing Homosexuals and So-called Married Homosexual Couples to Become Members of the Church. (Mind You, They Can Visit and Hear the Gospel, but They Cannot Become Members of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Just Like a Practicing Adulterer, Fornicator, or Drunkard Cannot Become a Member of the Church.) If Somebody Like Russell Moore Does Not Intervene and Stop This Homosexual Train From Going Into the Church and Stop This Foolishness From Continuing, the Whole Southern Baptist Convention/Evangelical Community Is Going to Come Tumbling Down