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Top Summer Cookout Desserts

Serve up a tasty treat this summer with our favorite summer desserts, including tarts, shortcake and ice cream, from your favorite chefs at Food Network. Blueberry and Nectarine Cobbler When adding juicy summer fruit (like blueberries) to pies and cobblers,... Continue Reading →

NASA Reveals 5 Asteroids Expected to Fly Close to Earth Within Next 12 Months

It is a scene we all dread – an enormous space rock colliding with Earth, causing widespread chaos and destruction. And experts have warned that the dreaded scenario could become a reality this year. A leading astronomer from NASA has... Continue Reading →

False Alarm Disrupts Atlanta Braves Baseball Game

The scoreboard at SunTrust Park briefly flashed an emergency message during the Braves game on Tuesday that later was said to be a false alarm. During the third inning of the Braves-Pirates game, a scoreboard message indicated that an emergency... Continue Reading →

James Harkin: Ariana Grande and her Stage Outfits Are a Symbol of Everything Islamic Terrorists Hate About the West

by James Harkin Now that it seems likely the atrocity in Manchester was carried out by a freelance 'soldier' allied to Islamic State, there's good reason to think neither the venue nor the performer were chosen at random. Why would... Continue Reading →

Macron Wants to Extend French State of Emergency For the 6th Time

President Emmanuel Macron wants a sixth extension of France's state of emergency since the Paris attacks of November 2015, his prime minister said Wednesday, adding that the terror threat "remains very high". The new president, elected on May 7, also... Continue Reading →

Knifeman Arrested at Buckingham Palace Just Before Queen Drives Past

A man with a knife has been arrested near Buckingham Palace, as Britain remains on critical terror alert amid fears Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi did not act alone. The man was detained by police on The Mall just moments before the Queen... Continue Reading →

First Photos of Ariana Grande Show Singer Landing in U.S. After Manchester Arena Attack

An emotional Ariana Grande was spotted for the first time since the terror attack at her Manchester concert on Monday as she touched down in her hometown of Boca Raton, Florida. The pop star could be seen in tears as... Continue Reading →

BBC Radio 5 Forced Off Air After Evacuation is Called

// BBC Radio 5 Live went off air today and switched to emergency pre-recorded audio when the studio was evacuated mid-way through a live broadcast. Confused and concerned listeners took to Twitter on Wednesday just before 2pm to ask what... Continue Reading →

Massive British Security Operation Launched After Manchester Concert Bombing to Counter Second Attack

Soldiers have been scrambled to join armed cops patrolling Britain’s streets today as they race to foil more terror attacks. A total of 984 troops carrying guns are being ferried out to join police officers as the terror threat has... Continue Reading →

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