Daniel Whyte III, Says This Is the Picture of a Henpecked, Controlled, Dominated, and “Whipped” Man After Losing His Power and Authority by Following the Foolishness of His Wife, Who Does Not Understand That They Get Their Power, Authority, and Prestige From the Monarch Sitting on the Throne, Queen Elizabeth the Great, Who They Lied on, Disrespected, and Trashed. Harry Is in Pain Because of the Glory He Lost, and He Is Not the Only One. Many Men Including So-called Church Leaders, Have Gone to Their Graves Having Lost Their Power and Authority Because They Were Henpecked, Controlled, Dominated, and “Whipped” Because They Followed Their Queen Jezebel Wives

In Response to Andy Stanley Promoting His Book on CNN and Saying That the Evangelical Church Faces a ‘State of Emergency’ Over the Coronavirus Plague-Pandemic and Politics — Daniel Whyte III Says Andy Stanley Is Worse Than Pastors Who Promote Political Leaders Because He Is a Political Puppet of a President to Promote Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage in the Church and So-called Married Homosexual Couples to Be Members of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Which Is a Double Abomination. He Is the Main False Prophet and False Pastor Who Is the Cause of the Coronavirus Plague-Pandemic and All of the Other Chaos That Has Come From That, Which Includes the Sins of Many Other Pastors and Churches.