In the Michigan State Spartans Sex Abuse Scandal, Did Larry Nassar Give an Interview Gloating About His Sins? In the Howard University Scandal Where Rats and Roaches Were Running Students Out Into the Street, Did the President Give an Interview Gloating About This Mess? In the University of Michigan Wolverines Sex Scandal, Did President Schlissel Give an Interview Gloating About His Sins? Then Why in the Name of Common Sense Is Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Wife, We Assume With His Permission, Giving an Interview Detailing Her Adultery With Another Man and How She Videotaped It With, in Her Words, “a Big Canon Camera” and How That She, a Grown Woman With Children, Let a 21-year-old Adulterer Pressure Her Into Sex in Her Daughter’s Bed? To Mr. And Mrs. Jerry Falwell Jr., Most Parents and Students Are Thankful to God for Dr. Jerry Falwell SENIOR For Having the Vision and Starting Liberty University to Train Champions for Christ for the Glory of God, and the Truth of the Matter Is Dr. Jerry Falwell SENIOR Did Not Have the Gifts and Abilities to Build Up Liberty University to Where It Is. However, God Blessed Him With a Son, Jerry Falwell Jr., With Those Gifts and Abilities and It Is a Great University and a Beautiful University Because of Your Efforts. There Are Many Past Students Who Still Love Liberty University for What She Has Stood for and Many Are Still Trying to Support It Because of the Great and Precious Memories and Because of Its Purpose Despite the Scandal. We Have Not Heard From You for a While and We All Agree That Is a Good Thing. We Are Shocked That You Are Doing an Interview in Vanity Fair and We Want to Lovingly Tell You, for God’s Sake, for Jesus Christ’s Sake, for the Gospel’s Sake, for the Sake of Liberty University and the Thousands Who Have Graduated From There and Who Are Attending, Please Shut Up Going Forward. You Are Taking Us Through the Hell You Took Us Through Last Year All Over Again.

American Lives Are in Harm’s Way: Biden Is Poised to Deploy US Forces: President Is in ‘Final Stages’ of Identifying Up to 50,000 Troops to Send to NATO Allies in Eastern Europe Over Fears Russia Will Invade Ukraine: Daniel Whyte III Again Warns President Biden to Do Everything You Can to Avoid War With Russia, China, and Iran Because God Is Not With You and God Is Not With America Because of the Sins and Abominations of the Church in America and of This Country and It Will Be a Colossal Disaster and Failure