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Michael Brown: God Is Speaking To Us Through The Charlie Gard Case

Isn't it remarkable that a tiny little baby who cannot utter a word has spoken to the world? Isn't it remarkable that a handicapped child who, under normal circumstances, might have lived and died in obscurity, has become the focal... Continue Reading →

Pastor Greg Laurie on Why Christians Are Persecuted

During a period in church history from A.D. 100 to 314, literally thousands and thousands of courageous Christian men, women and even children sealed their fate with their blood. Secular historians agree that there were 10 great persecutions against the... Continue Reading →

Burundi Exiles Call for World’s Attention to Violent Crisis in African Country

Burundi-born Eric Ndayisenga and his friends in exile religiously listen to a radio station that urges liberation from the deadly political violence back home. One day the report brought grief instead. His sister Zainabu and a friend had been found... Continue Reading →

While the Arctic May be Unforgiving, Modern Icebreakers Aren’t

While it may be frigid and wet on deck, the crew of a modern icebreaker can expect creature comforts inside the ship, even saunas. Cabins on board the MSV Nordica are small but functional, with a desk, a TV and... Continue Reading →

Poor Visibility Hinders Fight Against Wildfire in Portugal

Emergency services in Portugal are getting no respite from wildfires that are charring wide areas of forest - and the huge billowing clouds of smoke they are generating are making visibility too poor to use water-dropping aircraft. More than 2,300... Continue Reading →

US Puts New Sanctions on Venezuela

The Trump administration has hit Venezuela with new sanctions targeting 13 current or former top officials in President Nicolas Maduro's government. It is also threatening more penalties if he goes through with a controversial plan to rewrite the beleaguered country's... Continue Reading →

Justin Bieber Denies Religion Drove him to Abruptly Cancel Rest of Purpose Tour

Justin BieberĀ is publicly denying religion played a role in him abruptly pulling the plug on his Purpose tour with just 14 shows to go. Biebs was grabbing lunch Tuesday in Beverly Hills when a paparazzo asked about the sudden decision... Continue Reading →

Sanctions Against Russia, Iran and North Korea Hit Snag in Senate

A new package of financial sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea has a hit a snag in the Senate, where the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee has objected to the House's decision to include penalties targeting Pyongyang in... Continue Reading →

Muslim Cleric Says Protests Will Continue in Jerusalem Despite Removal of Metal Detectors

A senior Muslim official in Jerusalem said Wednesday that worshippers would not return to a contested shrine until Israel removes the new railings and cameras it installed after a deadly attack there, prolonging a crisis that Israel hoped it had... Continue Reading →

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