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Prince Harry Says he Almost Quit Being a Prince: How Are You Doing, Christian Princes & Princesses of the King of Kings? Don’t Get Weary in Well-Doing

If most Christians were honest, they would admit they almost quit being a Prince or Princess of the King of Kings. Based upon Pew Research data, about 106 million Christians (out of 2.2 billion) are expected to have left the faith by... Continue Reading →

Preachers and Christian Workers, Stop Trying to be Original and Start Zagging Like There’s No Tomorrow

One of the biggest problems in the church is that we have way too many preachers and ministry workers trying to be original while, at the same time, strangely, sounding the same, looking the same, thinking the same, and doing... Continue Reading →

Influential Charlotte Pastor says if Barack Obama Could Run in 2020 he Would; Warns Steph Curry to Stop Praising Obama and Condemning Trump — Could Hurt his Brand

by Alonzo Brooklyn Rev. V. Cuthbertson of Charlotte, North Carolina, said today that if Barack Obama could run for president in 2020, he would -- and he would still be young enough.  But the veteran pastor concluded that if Obama ran... Continue Reading →

House Democrats Plotting on Ousting Pelosi as Leader

A dozen or so House Democrats want Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to go after a dispiriting loss in a House election in Georgia. They just don't know how to make it happen. "We can't keep losing races and keep the... Continue Reading →

CNN Deletes & Retracts Story Linking Trump & Russia

On Thursday evening, CNN investigative reporter Thomas Frank published a potentially explosive report involving an investigation of a Russian investment fund with potential ties to several associates of President Donald Trump. But by Friday night, the story was removed from... Continue Reading →

Dan Balz: Do Democrats Have a Message?

The loss in last week’s special congressional election in Georgia produced predictable hand-wringing and finger-pointing inside the Democratic Party. It also raised anew a question that has troubled the party through a period in it has lost ground politically. Simply... Continue Reading →

Georgia Sees Huge Decrease in Food Stamp Usage

Georgia is seeing a significant decrease in the number of people receiving food stamps as the improving economy lifts many recipients into new jobs and frees them from the fear of going hungry. The number of Georgians getting food stamps... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Named ‘Worst State to Make a Living’ for Seventh Year Straight

For a seventh straight year, Hawaii has been named the worst state to make a living thanks to its astronomical cost of living. The ranking, put together annually by, says while Hawaii has the 10th-highest median wage nationwide, that's... Continue Reading →

Venezuelan Prisoners Suffer Inhumane Treatment, Forced to Eat Pasta Mixed With Excrement

The headquarters of the Venezuelan intelligence service is a vast pyramid-shaped edifice known as the Helicoide, a former shopping mall which now functions as an interrogation pen for political prisoners and protesters. The 30-year-old economics student had heard enough about... Continue Reading →

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