Daniel Whyte III Says, Even Though This Is a Sad and Serious Matter That I Call an Attempted High-tech Lynching of Southern Baptist Presidential Candidate Tom Buck, One of the Things That Tickles Me Sometimes About Southern Baptists Is That Even When They Have Someone Cornered and They Know They Are Lying, They Will Still Show Themselves to Be Gracious and With That Classic Southern Baptist Concerned Pastoral Straight Face Look They Will Try to Help You Out of the Bad Situation You Got Yourself In. This Video on the Southern Baptist Investigation Regarding Tom Buck Is Case in Point.

Here is the Beginning and the End of the Tom Buck/Jennifer Buck/Willy Rice/Southern Baptist Convention Investigation Saga With a Final Response From Tom Buck’s Church Family First Baptist Church of Lindale Who Stands Behind Him 100% As He Seeks the Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention: Wife of Outspoken Southern Baptist Pastor Tom Buck Claims Suffering Emotional and Verbal Abuse Was Not Grounds for Divorce, but for ‘Greater Hope’ in God – First Baptist Church of Lindale Releases Response

Shamed Andrew ‘Has Been Lobbying the Queen’ to Reinstate him as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards and ‘Wants His Royal Highness Status Restored and a Return to Royal Duties’–Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Tells the Queen Please Don’t Do That. One of the Reasons Why your Platinum Jubilee was the Best Ever is Because they Saw you as, Yes, a Loving Queen, but a Strong Queen who Has a Balance of Love That Will Rebuke and Gut her Children and Grandchildren who Have Brought Shame Upon the Monarchy and Upon you Personally. Your Last Appearance on the Balcony with the Working Royals is What the People Want to See From Now On While you are Living. So While your Children and Grandchildren Will Tug at your Heart Just Remember you Are the Second Longest Reigning Monarch in the History of the World, Loving and Strong. Long Live the Queen.

There’s a Devil Loose in the Church: #ChurchToo Revelations Have Spread From the Catholic Church to Southern Baptists to Methodists to National Baptists to Charismatics/Church of God in Christ to Even the Episcopalians, Which Sadly Includes Homosexual Activity – Daniel Whyte III Says This Sad Demonic Activity Has Gone on for Years Churchwide. No Wonder We Are Under Severe Chastisement From Our Lord Jesus Christ. Make No Mistake About It, the Chaos We See in the World Is Not Only Because of People Who Don’t Know God but Because We in the Church Have Not Done What God Told Us to Do and Obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. On Top of That, We Have Committed Gross Sins and Abominations in His Sight and Allowed It in His Church, and Now the Church, in General, Does Not Have the Influence It Should Have to Stop It.

So You Just Swapped Wives for Real, Huh? Dell Curry’s New Girlfriend and Sonya Curry’s New Boyfriend Used to be Married to Each Other and People Are Shocked They Went Public With It at the NBA Finals – Daniel Whyte III Says This Is Sad, Juvenile, and Very Dangerous for Dale and Sonya Because as Christian Believers They Know Better Than to Create This Quadruple Adultery Mess. If They Continue to Go Through With This Foolishness, It Will Bring Great Chastisement, Rebuke, and a Curse Upon Everybody Involved. Dale and Sonya, Do as You Please in Your Old Age, but the Universal Principle of Reaping and Sowing Is Still in Effect. Galatians 6:7 Says, “Be Not Deceived; God Is Not Mocked: for Whatsoever a Man (or Woman) Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap.” Sometimes, When People Who God Has Blessed Tremendously Get to the Point of HUBRIS, God Allows Them to Get Into Gross Sin. This Is Gross Sin. This Is Rarely Done, to the Point Where the World Says It Is Nasty and the World Is Shocked That You Would Put This on Your Precious Children That You Worked So Hard to Raise for God’s Glory. Do the Right Thing My Christian Brother and Sister. Humble Yourselves Down Off of Your HUBRIS, Pray, Seek God’s Face, and Turn From Your Wicked Ways, Because You Are Setting a Bad Testimony for Christ and Your Children and Grandchildren. But You Are Big and Bad Now, So Do as You Please.

Fellowship Bible Baptist Church, a Predominantly Black Church in Warner Robins, Georgia, Calls Police After ‘Suspicious’ White Man Visits During Worship Service; Visitor Was Issued a Criminal Trespass Warning – Daniel Whyte III Says This Is Sad, but in the Present Climate of Mass Shootings, This Must Be Done in All Churches That Choose to Meet in the Building for the Foreseeable Future Because There’s a Devil Loose and He Is on a Rampage. Pray Without Ceasing. Pastors, in Light of the Chastisement of the Coronavirus Plague, Now Monkeypox, and the Plague of Mass Shootings, You Really Need to Get Serious About Creating a “Distributed Church.” The Church Can Still Meet, but Right Now It Is Not Too Wise to Be Gathering a Whole Bunch of People in a Building, as You Have Found Out. But Do as You Please