Wife of Pastor Pete Wilson, Who Recently Resigned From Leading Multi-Campus Cross Point Church, Files For Divorce Citing ‘Inappropriate Marital Conduct’ That Made her ‘Unsafe’

Pete and Brandi Wilson with sons
Pete and Brandi Wilson with sons

Barely a month after Pete Wilson resigned from his post as senior pastor of the multi-campus Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, citing exhaustion and personal brokenness last September, his wife, Brandi, filed for divorce, accusing him of “inappropriate marital conduct” that made her “unsafe.”

A copy of the complaint filed on Oct. 25, 2016, by Brandi Wilson against her husband “alleges that husband has been guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct toward her that renders cohabitation unsafe and improper and, therefore would entitle her to a divorce.”

Pete Wilson, who is the author of the best-selling book Plan B, shocked his congregation last September when he announced his resignation from the church he founded 14 years ago with his wife.

“Most of you in this church only experience what I do on Sundays, especially those of you who watch online. You just see me when I kind of come up here on Sundays. But the reality is, as leader and the pastor of a church, what happens in between those Sundays is just as important and it requires a lot of leadership and it requires a lot of leadership energy. And leaders in any realm of life, leaders who lead on empty don’t lead well, and for some time now I’ve been leading on empty. And so, I believe that the best thing for me to do is to step aside from Cross Point. And so, I am officially resigning as the pastor of Cross Point Church,” Wilson told his former congregation as he resigned.

The leadership and elders of Cross Point were also quick to note in a statement that Wilson’s decision to resign was entirely his own.

“Pastor Pete’s resignation was 100 percent his decision. In fact, we tried to talk him out of it as we told him to take as much time as he needed. But he was ready to get rest and start a new season. We will forever be tied with Pastor Pete — Pete, his wife and kids are family!” the elders said.

According to the complaint against her husband, however, Brandi Wilson has requested primary custody of their children, allowing her husband only agreed upon visitation privileges.

The complaint further noted that she might include additional grounds for divorcing her husband, but those were not cited.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post – Leonardo Blair