Some People Thought When they Saw this Picture of Sasha Obama Pumping Gas that she Was Suffering from the Pain of Gas Prices–Well, Sasha and her Family Will Probably Never Have to Worry About the Gas Prices or the Cost of Anything and That’s Good for them. Now What you Are Seeing Here is the First Lady Michelle Obama Coming Out and Saying “We Are Not in the White House Anymore. We are Not Little Girls Anymore. So Why Are you Still Following me and Why is There Always a Camera in my Face?”–There’s No Pain at the Pump. This Is a Leave Me Alone Look. Has Strangely Been Hit With a Rash of Homosexual Transgender Ads on Its Website. This Has Been Addressed Twice With One of Our Ad Companies and They Assured Us That They Will Not Allow Those Ads to Run Again and That It Would Be Taken Care of Posthaste. If You See Any Pro-Homosexual, Pro-Pride Month, or Pro-LGBTQ Ads Running Anywhere on Any of Our Sites, Please Get in Contact With Us Immediately at Thank You for Your Assistance in This Matter. It Has Been Confirmed By the Ad Company That the Ads Have Been Blocked