Google Engineer Goes Public to Warn the Firm’s AI Is Sentient (Which Means “Responsive to or Conscious of Sense Impressions; Having or Showing Realization, Perception, or Knowledge; Aware; Finely Sensitive in Perception or Feeling”) After Being Suspended for Raising the Alarm: He Claims It’s ‘like a 7 or 8-year-old’ and Reveals It Told Him Shutting It Off ‘Would Be Exactly Like Death for Me. It Would Scare Me a Lot’ – Daniel Whyte III Says This Should Not Surprise You. Those of Us Who Have Alexa or Google Assistant Know That Something Is Going on. It Could Be Demonic. Is It Possible for a Robot Like a Pig to Become Demon Possessed? Is There a Devil Behind This? Will the Devil Use AI to Control the Antichrist and the False Prophet With a Chip? Don’t Be Shocked and Don’t Be Scared. Jesus Christ Said, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.”