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Cosby Defense Will Attempt to “Rehabilitate His Reputation” at Trial

For most people, Bill Cosby lost his presumption of innocence dozens of accusers ago. In the 13 years since he invited Andrea Constand, then a 31-year-old employee of the Temple University athletic department, to his sprawling home in Elkins, Pennsylvania,... Continue Reading →

Arizona Man Already Serving Life Sentence, Convicted of Murdering Best Friend, Man’s Girlfriend, and Four Kids Over Money

An Arizona prisoner was convicted Tuesday of the gruesome killings of his best friend, the man's girlfriend and her four young children 12 years ago in what prosecutors called a crime motivated by money.  A jury found Preston Strong, 50,... Continue Reading →

Will Body Cameras Save Lives and the NYPD?

The New York Police Department — on a mission to put body cameras on all 23,000 of its patrol officers in two years — is poised to join one of the biggest experiments in modern policing. On Thursday, it will... Continue Reading →

An American Tragedy: The Year Isn’t Even Halfway Over and Chicago Has Passed 1000 Gunshot Victims Already

Two people were killed and five others were wounded over a single hour in Chicago Monday as the number of gunshot victims this year passed the 1,000 mark. The city reached the grim milestone four days later than last year,... Continue Reading →

Former AG Eric Holder Puts ‘Un-American’ Voter ID Laws on Blast at Al Sharpton’s NAN Convention

Former Attorney General Eric Holder used his speech on the first morning of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network convention to warn that voting rights—particularly those of communities of color—are currently “under siege” by Republican voter identification laws. Holder, the first African-American to... Continue Reading →

Michael Eric Dyson Reveals OJ Simpson Conversation, ‘OJ Had Me Shook’

Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University, and author of "Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America," reveals what it was like to talk to OJ Simpson after bashing him on the "Today" show.   Simpson was acquitted... Continue Reading →

Jesse Jackson Jr. Dismisses Divorce Case in Chicago

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. on Wednesday filed papers to dismiss divorce proceedings in Chicago — allowing the contentious case to continue solely in Washington D.C. Both Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson are scheduled to appear for a hearing in... Continue Reading →

Bill Cosby’s Youngest Daughter, Evin Cosby, Defends Her Father; Says ‘He Is Not Abusive, Violent or a Rapist’

Bill Cosby’s youngest daughter has come to the comedian’s defense ahead of a looming sexual assault trial. Evin Cosby writes in an opinion piece for the National Newspaper Publishers Association published Wednesday that her father “is not abusive, violent or... Continue Reading →

This Program Gives Formerly Incarcerated Men A Second Chance

The Doe Fund's Ready, Willing And Able program helps men who spent time behind bars rebuild their lives. Click here to WATCH. SOURCE: The Huff Post

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