India’s Supreme Court Prevents Arrest of Christian Leader

Days before India’s minority Christian community celebrates Easter, the apex court has protected a Christian leader, who was falsely accused of hurting religion sentiments of majority Hindus, from being arrested until the trial begins.

Amit Kumar Soren, a professor at a Christian college, St. Columba, in eastern Jharkhand state, was charged with intending to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus after a few Christians were beaten up for distributing pamphlets inviting them to a Christian event in May 2016. Soren was the convener of the event.

Soren applied for “anticipatory bail,” or protection against possible arrest, but a lower court rejected it. In the meantime, he was once again named in a police complaint in a completely unrelated case.

The Jharkhand High Court also rejected the bail application. But the Supreme Court finally granted him protection this week.

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Source: Christian Post