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LISTEN: Michael Sharkey: “My Faith is an Important Part of the Game” (Gospel Light Minute #229 with Daniel Whyte III) He is a member of Great Britain’s goalball team. He was born with a congenital eye condition called retin-i-tis pig-men-to-sa which is a condition that makes sight in dark places difficult and causes one to be short-sighted. Despite his... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Hide the Word In Your Heart #7 with Danyelle Elizabeth Breedlove Whyte Jerry Bridges said, “The Word, stored in the heart, provides a mental depository for the Holy Spirit to use to mediate His Grace to us, whatever our need for grace might be.” The Scripture verse we are going to... Continue Reading →

Hilllsong Senior Pastor Brian Houston Continues To Back Biblical Marriage but Urges Christians Not To Alienate and Condemn Homosexuals Ahead of Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Hillsong Church Senior Pastor Brian Houston has urged Christians to participate in the upcoming nationwide postal plebiscite regarding legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia. While Houston defended marriage as a union between one man and one woman, he also slammed Christians... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. says Trump ‘Does Not Have a Racist Bone in his Body’; President Thanks him for Kind Words

President Donald Trump was "very clear" who the culprits were in Charlottesville, as he called them out by name, and he "does not have a racist bone in his body," Jerry Falwell Jr. said Monday. "I know him well," Falwell,... Continue Reading →

Jim Bakker is Setting Up a Town to Survive the Apocalypse and Selling ‘Staying Alive’ Food Kits to Pay the Bills

As President Donald Trump promised to unleash 'fire and fury' on North Korea, a slightly-built, bearded TV evangelist bragged of his recent visit to the White House and warned of an up-coming 'nuclear winter.' Jim Bakker's studio audience whooped and... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Whyte House Family Devotions: A Prayer for the Family, the Church, the Nation and the World #92 (Monday, August 21, 2017): “To Get, We Must Give,” by Charles Spurgeon My family and I have had morning devotions, or family altar as some people call it, every day ever since my wife, Meriqua, and I were married 30 years ago. We have prayed and read the Bible together as... Continue Reading →

Longtime Liberty University Board Member and Friend Fleet Browning Goes Home to Heaven at 84

Fleet Browning, 84, a longtime member of the Liberty University Board of Trustees, went to be with the Lord on Friday, Aug. 18. His service to Liberty spanned four decades, starting in the 1980s. He was recently named an emeritus... Continue Reading →

Pastor Mark Deymaz says His Daughter Emily Has Been Found Safe and Unharmed

According to Mark Deymaz, his daughter has been found safe. Emily Deymaz was reported missing on Thursday. According to her dad, Emily is back with her family and is unharmed and safe. No word yet on where she was located.... Continue Reading →

Thom Rainer on Why Many of Our Churches Are Still One Color

"What's wrong with our church?" It was a sincere question. The elder wanted to know why there seems to be a steady erosion of attendance, discipleship, and evangelism at his church. Then I showed him the demographics of the church's... Continue Reading →

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