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Ron Carpenter Moving Ministry Headquarters to New Church in California; John Gray Will Have Option to Rename Greenville’s Redemption Church

Ron Carpenter Jr., pastor of the 21,000 member multi-campus Redemption Church headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, announced Sunday that he will be consolidating his church operations by stepping down as pastor of the Greenville campus where he has been for more than... Continue Reading →


How to Welcome the Former Prisoner Into Your Small Group

Small group topics range from the previous Sunday’s sermon to the latest Christian spiritual help book, from marriage to addiction to the Bible’s diet guidance. Add to the list: mass incarceration. Prison Fellowship, the nonprofit prisoner advocacy group, has created Outrageous... Continue Reading →

Ed Stetzer Takes On False Reporting of Sen. Doug Broxson Allegedly Saying Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem Will Spark ‘Apocalypse’

Raw Story claims that a state senator “predicts Trump’s Jerusalem embassy decision may usher in Armageddon.” But, he didn't. by Ed Stetzer Over the weekend, we witnessed yet another example of a visible (Christian) public leader saying something foolish. It... Continue Reading →

Are Christian Men More Likely to Commit Domestic Violence?

As a sociologist who studies family and marriage trends, I predict that in the coming years, we’ll see a growing wave of mainstream media and academic stories contending that religion, especially evangelical Christianity, hurts women, children, and families. These stories... Continue Reading →

Wycliffe’s Bible Translation Workshops Hit by Demonic Attacks, Severe Persecution as it Sees Unprecedented Success

One of the world's largest Bible translation organizations has said that while its pioneering rapid translation method is achieving unprecedented success, demonic attacks and severe persecution have been inflicting its workers. Bruce Smith, president of Wycliffe Associates, told The Christian Post... Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Professor Robert Gagnon Says Christians Who Refuse to Support Roy Moore Shouldn’t Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Either

A Christian professor is challenging the notion that supporters of accused sex offender Roy Moore are hypocrites, given an influential evangelical group's upcoming conference celebrating Martin Luther King Jr., who was also accused of sexual misconduct. In a note published... Continue Reading →

C.S. Lewis Protégé Harry Blamires, Who Rediscovered ‘The Christian Mind’, Dead at 101

British theologian and literary scholar Harry Blamires, who taught the church to think like Christians in the face of a secularizing culture, died last month at age 101. His writing career was shaped by C. S. Lewis, who grew to... Continue Reading →

Mark Galli of Christianity Today Says the Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election Is the Christian Witness.

No matter the outcome of today’s special election in Alabama for a coveted US Senate seat, there is already one loser: Christian faith. When it comes to either matters of life and death or personal commitments of the human heart,... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Hide the Word In Your Heart #101 with Danyelle Elizabeth Breedlove Whyte Billy Graham said, “The very purpose of Christ's coming into the world was that He might offer up His life as a sacrifice for the sins of men. He came to die. This is the Heart of Christmas.” The... Continue Reading →

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