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Supreme Court Rules Churches Can Receive State Money for Non-Religious Needs

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that churches have the same right as other charitable groups to seek state money for new playground surfaces and other non-religious needs. By a 7-2 vote, the justices sided with Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia,... Continue Reading →

Catholic Church Officials Say Fighting Has Killed Over 3,000 In Congo’s Kasai Region

Congolese security forces and a militia fighting them have killed at least 3,383 people in the central Kasai region since October, the Catholic church said on Tuesday, in the most detailed report to date on the violence. Church officials, citing... Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham Says Johnny Depp ‘Is One Dark Soul’ After Actor Makes Trump Assassination Joke

Evangelist Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, says actor Johnny Depp is a "dark soul" and should be ashamed of himself for saying "maybe it's time" for President Trump to be assassinated. "Johnny Depp is one dark... Continue Reading →

The Continuing Triumph of Faith: The World Is Becoming More Religious

Ever hear the old saw that religious people are on the wrong side of history? It isn’t true. Turns out, we’re on the right side of the future as well. Stay tuned to BreakPoint. A year ago, National Geographic told... Continue Reading →

Things That Happened This Week In Christian History: Julian the Apostate, Geronimo, and John Wesley

Christianity is a faith with a long and detailed history, with numerous events of lasting significance occurring throughout the ages. Each week bring the anniversaries of great milestones, horrid tragedies, amazing triumphs, and everything in between. Here are just a... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Will Hear Case of Colorado Baker Who Refused To Make Wedding Cake For Same-Sex Couple, Will Decide Whether Businesses Can Deny Service To Homosexual Couples

Supreme Court justices voted to hear an appeal from the owner of a Colorado bakery who refused to create and design a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The high court has agreed to hear a major case pitting conservative... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Loses Out by Often Ignoring Family and Faith Audience

Why was the Golden Era of Hollywood (as seen in the quality of movies) way back in the 1930s and 40s? It was because of the salt from the Church, both Catholic and Protestant, influencing the outcome of the content.... Continue Reading →

Austria Among One of the World’s First Countries to Recognize ISIS’ Genocide Against Christians

Austria has become one of the first countries in the world to not only formally recognize the genocide being committed against Christians in Iraq and Syria, but also to advance a seven-point plan aimed at helping victims. The American Center... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Authorities Raid Church-Owned Building, Chain Doors to Prevent Christians from Entering

Authorities in Egypt reportedly raided a church-owned building that was being used by a local Coptic Christian community for worship and chained down the doors so that Christians could no longer enter the building. According to a press release shared... Continue Reading →

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