Here We Go, the Devil Is a Lie, and This Is a Deep Abomination Before God Almighty: While Evangelical Christian Protesters Pray Outside a Library in New York City, a Man Dressed as a Woman Named Flame, Wearing a Red Wig and a Red Gown, Entertains the Children Inside by Singing the ABCs, Leading a Coloring Activity and Reading Books About How It’s Okay to Be Different – Daniel Whyte III Says Thank You, False Pastor Andy Stanley, False Pastor Otis Moss III, and Others of Your Ilk Who Have Fought and Led Much of the Church to Accept Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage and Have Colluded With the Government in Doing So, Now Causing the Church to Have to Accept All of This Demonic LGBTQI Foolishness. You Did Not See This Coming and Now Many People in the Church Are Trapped and Powerless, Outside of Libraries Praying While Their Children Are Being Mentally Raped by Homosexual Men Dressed in Women’s Clothing. Thanks a Lot, False Pastors, and Now You Don’t Even Have the Power to Stop It