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Victims of California Wildfires Remembered

Dozens of people have died in the deadliest week of wildfires in California history. The victims include couple who had been married for decades, a 14-year-old boy whose parents and older sister were severely burned, and a woman who died... Continue Reading →


Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier Balks at House Subpoena

A political research firm behind a dossier of allegations about President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia is balking at subpoenas from the House intelligence committee, with a lawyer for the firm questioning the legitimacy of the panel’s probe into Russian... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Compares Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said in an interview with Britain’s “The Andrew Marr Show” that she was proud of the women who had come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and that she condemned sexual assault in all aspects of life, including politics.... Continue Reading →

Trump Reportedly Expects to Appoint Three More Supreme Court Justices During his Presidency

President Donald Trump reportedly expects to appoint a total of four Supreme Court justices during his presidency. According to Axios, the president claimed that he was looking forward to appointing a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was recently reported by Axios to be thinking about... Continue Reading →

Man Builds 2-Story-Tall ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walker Replica for Halloween

A two-story, “Star Wars”-inspired Halloween yard display in Ohio should be enough to make any trick-or-treating Darth Vader proud. Nick Meyer has built a replica four-legged All Terrain Armored Transport, or AT-AT walker, nearly as tall as his Parma home.... Continue Reading →

Massachusetts Court Rules Yahoo Can Provide Family Access to Dead Man’s Emails

Massachusetts’ highest court says federal law does not prohibit Yahoo from providing a deceased man’s family members access to his email account. The Supreme Judicial Court said Monday that a lower court was wrong to conclude that the Stored Communications... Continue Reading →

White House Says Business Tax Cuts Will Give Families $4,000 More Annually

By slashing corporate tax rates, the Trump administration said Monday, the average U.S. household will get an estimated $4,000 more a year. This stunning 5 percent increase was met with skepticism from tax experts and Democratic lawmakers who said the... Continue Reading →

Trump Voters in Hurricane-Ravaged Texas County Confront Climate Change

The church was empty, except for the piano too heavy for one man to move. It had been 21 days since the greatest storm Wayne Christopher had ever seen dumped a year’s worth of rain on his town, drowning this... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court to Take on US-Microsoft Dispute Over Emails

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to take on a major dispute over the government’s authority to force American technology companies to hand over emails and other digital information sought in criminal probes but stored outside the U.S. The justices intervened... Continue Reading →

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