Black Women Hanging on in Hopes of President Biden’s Pledge to Nominate a Black woman to the Court

It’s about time, many Black women are thinking.

President Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court. But there are some who see this as discriminating against white people.

Says law student Jasmine Marchbanks-Owens of Howard University, Black women have had to work harder every step of the way to succeed in an overwhelmingly white profession. The Black woman Biden ends up appointing, she says, “is going to probably be more qualified than anyone else on the bench because … we have learned to be the most qualified. To be able to have a role or a seat at the table, you have to be better.”

Jasmine Armand agrees. The first-year bankruptcy attorney at a Chicago law firm doesn’t want anyone to think: “She got this job because she is Black.” Rather, says Armand, “She got this job because she is remarkable and exceptionally qualified for this role – as countless Black women before her have been.”

This will have a great impact on young people, some have voiced.

Source: BCNN1