Daniel Whyte III Says in Message Series Titled “The Importance of Having Men Who Understand the Times and Who Know What to Do and How to Lead the People of God” Parts 1, 2, and 3, if Ed Stetzer, Church Leaders, and Outreach Magazine Are Going to Support and Prop Up the False Pastor and Heretic Andy Stanley, They Should Shut Down Because They Are Complicit and Aiding and Abetting Andy Stanley in His Demonic Heresy and the Gutting of the Old Testament and the New Testament for the Sake of Causing Churches to Foolishly Allow Practicing Homosexuals as Members and Thus Leaders of the Church, Which Has Caused the Church to be Devastated Due to the Rebuke and the Chastisement of the Lord Jesus Christ Upon the Church, Resulting in Thousands of People in the Church Dying, Including Pastors and Pastor’s Wives, and Churches Closing and Not Being Able to Meet, Which Has Diminished the Church and Its Effectiveness More Than Any Other Time in History. He Also Advises All Evangelical Organizations, Including the Southern Baptist Convention, the National Baptist Convention, National Association of Evangelicals, Liberty University, and Others, From This Point Forward to Consult With Dr. Tony Evans Before They Make Major Public Decisions Regarding the Issues of Race, the Abomination of Homosexuality, or Regarding Politics, and He Tells All Christians and Evangelicals, No, You Should Not Follow a Hippie Songleader to the Gates of Disneyland Protesting Against Mickey Mouse in This Election Year. All You Are Trying to Do is Cover Up the Fact That You Have Been Disobedient to God’s Great Commandment and God’s Great Commission Over the Past 50 Years Which Has Caused This Present Crisis. What You Need to Do, Church, is Repent of That and Obey the Commandments That Jesus Gave You in the First Place, LOVE EVERYBODY AND WITNESS TO EVERYBODY – THE GREAT COMMANDMENT AND THE GREAT COMMISSION. Just Shut Up and Vote for a Change This Year for You Sweet Evangelicals and Protestants Have Messed Up the Church, the Government, and the Nation Enough by Disobeying God’s Great Commandment and His Great Commission and by Doing Dumb Things That Have Permanently Hurt the Cause of Christ. So Therefore Do Not Do Anything or Say Anything Publicly Until You Consult With This Man of God, Dr. Tony Evans, Without Dragging Him Across the Country in Meetings That Don’t Amount to Anything – Use Zoom Instead. To My Dear Southern Baptist Brethren, Pay Him the Same Amount of Money That You Wasted on Will Mancini and His Companies. By the Way, Dr. Tony Evans Does Not Have Any Clue That I Am Telling You to Do This, But He Will Understand Because Apparently You People Do Not Understand the Times and You Don’t Know What to Do, So You Need to Listen to Somebody Who Understands the Times and Who Knows What to Do and Has Been Telling You What to Do for the Past 50 Years But You Did Not Listen. It is Time to Start Listening to a Man Who Understands the Times and Knows What to Do and How to Lead the People of God Who Happens to be a Black Man BECAUSE YOU ARE DIGGING A DEEPER HOLE AND MAKING THINGS WORSE FOR THE CHURCH, THE FAMILY, THE NATION, AND THE WORLD. AND I ASSURE YOU THAT EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WILL ANSWER TO GOD FOR THE CHAOS YOU HAVE CAUSED.