Daniel Whyte III Says That in Light of Van Jones’ Ungodly New Ideas and Actions Regarding Marriage and Family With Him and His Friend Intentionally Deciding to Have a Baby Out of Wedlock Even Though He Is Already Married and Divorced With 2 Children, Thus Living in Adultery and Fornication AND ENCOURAGING OTHERS TO ADOPT THIS LIFESTYLE by Saying, “It’s a concept that I hope more people will explore and consider,” for God’s Sake, for Christ’s Sake, for the Holy Bible’s Sake, and for T.D. Jakes’ Sake, Step Down From This Christian-based Leadership Conference Hosted by Dr. T.D. Jakes, Particularly in Light of the Fact That We Are Still in a Plague Because of Such Sinful and Wicked Activity in the Church. T.D. Jakes, Who Has a Big Loving Pastor’s Heart Will Probably Not Say Anything to You About This, So We Are Asking You to Do It on Your Own. If You Donated Some Money to His Foundation, Let Him Keep It. If He Paid You Already for Speaking, I Am Sure He Will Let You Keep It. This Is Not About That. This Is About the Name of God, the Name of Christ, the Word of God, and the Still Good Name of One of the Most Gifted Preachers We Have Seen in Our Lifetime. Now, Van Jones, You Are One of the Most Intelligent Negroes in This Country, and We Still Believe That You Have Class, So Please Show That Class Now for the Glory of God. (Here Are Two More Reasons Why I Am Asking Van Jones to Step Down From This Excellent Leadership Conference. 1. It Could Soil the Good Name That the Other People on the Roster Have for Years to Come. In Fact, it Has Already Started. 2. Don Lemon, Who Is a Colleague of Van Jones at CNN, and the Homosexual Community Will Point to This in the Future and Say That if You Let Van Jones Speak at Your Christian-Based Leadership Conference While He Was Committing Adultery and Fornication and Living in Adultery and Having a Baby on Purpose Out of Wedlock, Then It Should Be Okay for Don Lemon and Other Homosexuals to Speak at This Christian-Based Leadership Conference, Which Would Be a Gross Abomination Against Almighty God Who Made T.D. Jakes Great.)