UNRAVELING! First the Plague-Pandemic, Then Recession/Inflation, and Now War and Displacement. Daniel Whyte III Says if You Read the Bible, You Will Begin to Understand That When God Begins to Rebuke and Chastise a People, if the People Do Not Do What He Wants, Which Is Repentance, He Will Expand and Increase and Intensify the Punishment and That Is What He Is Doing Now. He Is Not Doing It Because He Hates Us but Because He Loves Us. I Know It Is Hard for You to Believe, But the Only Way You Are Going to Stop This Punishment From God Is if the Protestant Church, the Evangelical Church, the Charismatic Church, and the Catholic Church Confessed and Repented of Their Sins Because They Have Failed God and Therefore the People by Endorsing and Sanctioning Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and Not Only Endorsing and Sanctioning but Participating in Homosexuality Thus Leading Governments to Endorse and Sanction It Around the World, and Allowing Homosexuals to Be Members of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ That He Died for, as Well as Adulterers, Fornicators, and People Who Are Divorced and Remarried and Living in Adultery as Well as Many Other Sins. God Would Let Up if This Happened, and I Hope It Does Happen, But I Have Said for 2 Years Now That the People in the Churches in America and the People in America and I Assume Around the World Are Not in a Repenting Mood, and That Is Why They Are Not Doing It and Therefore the Pain and Punishment Increases. But Remember Jesus Christ Said, “As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten: Be Zealous Therefore, and Repent.” The Bible Says, “Open Rebuke Is Better Than Secret Love.” Part of My Job Is to Let You People Know That God Loves You Very Much, So Much So That “For God So Loved the World, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believeth in Him Should Not Perish, but Have Everlasting Life.” So Please Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for Your Salvation. But Please Understand Also That Even Though God Loves People, God Is Nobody to Play With. Do Not Toy With God.

Sperm Banks Struggle to Recruit Black Donors and Other Donors of Color. Industry Experts Say There Has Been a Shortage for Years, and the Plague-Pandemic Has Only Exacerbated the Problem – Daniel Whyte III Says There Are Probably 3 to 4 Reasons for This. 1. Many Black Men Can Hear Their Grandma Telling Them in the Background Don’t Do That. That Is Some White Folk Stuff. They Might Be Trying to Get Your DNA So They Can Hunt You Down Wherever You Are. 2. Many Black Men Have Not Been Informed That They Could Be Paid for Donating Their Sperm. 3. Many Black Men Find It Hard to Feel Welcome in American Society So They Cannot Imagine a Sperm Bank Being Interested in Producing More Black People Like Him. 4. Quite Frankly Most Black Men Would Rather Make Their Donation and Repopulate the Earth the Way That God Intended and That Is a Man Having Sex With a Woman.