Kyiv ‘to Fall by the Weekend’: Putin Encircles Ukraine’s Capital and Could Seize Control in 96 Hours After Taking Chernobyl, With Scores Dead While Macron Pleads With Kremlin to Step Back From the Abyss on Day 1 of World War III – Daniel Whyte III Has Been Warning the Church and the Governments of the World for Nearly 2 Years Now That We Were Facing the Abyss Already With the Coronavirus Plague. Well, Mr. Macron, We Are in the Abyss Right Now and if We Don’t All Repent Right Now and Get Back to Our Senses, We Are Going to Go Deeper Into the Abyss.

Putin Issues Chilling Warning to Biden and NATO as He Invades Ukraine and Says That if Anyone ‘Interferes’ They ‘Will Face Consequences Greater Than Any You Have Faced in History’ – Daniel Whyte III Has Warned President Biden Over the Past Year to Not Engage in Any Warfare With Russia, China, or Any of Their Cohorts Because God Is Not With Him and God Is Not With America Primarily Due to the Gross Abominations and Sins of the Protestant Church, the Evangelical Church, and the Catholic Church, From the Abomination of the Church and the Government Sanctioning Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda and Allowing Child Rape by Bishops, Priests, and Pastors in the Church as Well as the Allowing of Sexual Harassment in the Church and Pastors Having Sex With Women Who Are Not Their Wives, Divorce and Remarriage and Living in Adultery and Other Gross Sins Against God, and the Government and the Family Has Followed Suit. God Is Not With You Mr. President and God Is Not With America. It Would Not Be Wise for You to Listen to the Calls of People Around the World to Do Something Like Send Troops Into This War Because We Will Lose. Daniel Whyte III Says to President Biden Also, Do Not Think That Your Perceived Military Superiority Will Cause You to Win a War Against Russia or China and Their Cohorts, Because, Without God With You, God Will Allow “the Wheels to Fall Off” and Cause Things Not to Go Well, and Even Though You May Be Superior Militarily on Paper, You Will Still Be Defeated and Embarrassed Until the Church and the Government in America Repent of Sanctioning the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda Along With Other Sins. By the Way, When You Deal With a Man’s Man Who Is Straight, a Real Man Who Is Into Being With Women, or a True Christian Man Who Is Against the Abomination of Homosexuality, Once They Know That You Have Endorsed and Sanctioned the Abomination and Sin of Homosexuality, They Will Never Respect You and They Will Never Be Afraid of You and They Will Never Listen to Anything You Have to Say and They Will Never Be Afraid of Your Sanctions or Anything Else, So Your Threats Are a Joke to Him. Below Are Some of the Warning Articles That Daniel Whyte III Wrote Over the Past Year to President Biden.