Former Dolphins Coach Brian Flores Says Refusal to Throw Games Cost Him His Job. Daniel Whyte III Says, People, You Cannot Make That Up, and It Jives With What My Pastor Friends Dr. S. Madison, Dr. A. Hamilton, and Dr. V. Cuthbertson Have Surmised and Have Talked About Over the Past 25 Years Or So and We All Have Agreed That the NFL and the NBA Are Rigged in Our Opinion, and They are Rigged Based Off of How Much Money They Can Make Off of the Sport and off the Backs of the Players. He Even Believes the Kansas City Chiefs-Cincinnati Bengals Game Was Rigged and Thrown by the Coach Like This. The Chiefs Coach Even Admitted He Gave Patrick Mahomes the Wrong Play and When Mahomes Was Walking Off the Field You Could Tell by the Look on His Face That He Knew Something Was Not Right. In fact Daniel Whyte III Believes Two Great Famous Coaches, One in the NFL Now and One in College Now, (the One in College Learned it From the One Who is in the NFL When They Worked Together Many Years Ago) Have Thrown a Few Games for Two Reasons. 1. As a Psychological Ploy in the Early Divisional Games to Psych Out the Other Team and Make Them Think They Can Defeat Them Next Time or in the Playoffs. 2. These Coaches Have Thrown a Game, Yes Even a Championship for Their Protégé Across the Field Who Trained Under Them Which Puts a Feather in the Guru Coach’s Cap and Also Gives the Younger Protege Coach a Championship That Will Make Him and His Mentor Coach Look Good. And in the NBA 4 Out of 7 Playoff Games and Championship Games Are a Sham to Make More Money and the NBA Should Move to a Sudden Death System Like the NCAA National Basketball Championship and This Would Also Cut Down on the Many Injuries Players Get at the End of the Year as Was the Case Last Year. But All of That Wouldn’t Really Matter Because Steph Curry’s Wife Ayesha Was Right a Few Years Ago When She Said the NBA is Rigged. That Year the Cleveland Cavaliers Came Back on the Golden State Warriors Down 3 -We Believe It Was RIGGED.