Dr. David B. Hawkins on Some Steps to Take When Your Spouse Does the Childish Silent Treatment — Daniel Whyte III Says to Husbands, in Most Cases, It Is Going to Be the Wife Who Tries This Ploy. Ladies, if You Have a Husband Who Pulls the Silent Treatment You Have a Sissy Punk on Your Hands and There’s Nothing I Can Really Do to Help You. You Have 99 Problems and Only God Can Help You With That. Now, Men, as the Head of Your Household, Do Not Allow Her or Yourself to Get So Angry That You Don’t Communicate and Have Sex on a Regular Basis — That Is Just Too Mad and That Is Just Too Angry — Do Not Allow That for One Week, Do Not Allow That for One Day. As a Man and the Head of Your Household, That Is Up to You. Gentlemen Do Not Do the Appeasing Thing of “What’s Wrong, Honey?” Because That Is Exactly What She Wants You to Do So That She Can Play With You Like Putty in Her Hands and You’re Giving Her Control Over the Relationship by Doing So. You Just Keep on Lovingly Communicating With Her About What You Want to Be Done and How You Want the Household to Run and What You Want Her to Do for You and for Your Children and Pause for Her to Answer You in a Respectful Way. Yes, Gentlemen, One of Your Jobs Is to Give Your Wife Who Is Supposed to Be a Helpmeet Things to Do. She Should Not Be Giving You a Honey-do List, You Should Flip the Script and Give Her a Honey-do List. Do Not Try to Force a Conversation. You Just Carry on and Pray for Her and Pray With Her Without Ceasing. Some of You Are Asking, Well, What About the Philosophy That the Protestants and Evangelicals and Tradition Has Taught Me: “if Momma Ain’t Happy Ain’t Nobody Happy” and “Happy Wife Happy Life?” Well I Have Already Cast That Back Into Hell Where It Came From for You So Don’t Worry About That.

As Venue Church Pastor Tavner Smith Returns After Sabbatical and Admits to ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ With Church Staff Which is Adultery, a Church Campus Has Closed; We Have Noticed That There Are Quite a Few Black Members at Venue Church Who Are Trying to Hang in There in the Midst of the Evil Foolishness – Daniel Whyte III Still Tells Tavner Smith to Resign So That the Church Can Go on and by the Way, No Pastor Should Wear Jeans With Holes in Them Intentionally. He Still Says if the Sportscaster, the Newscaster, and the Lying Politician Has to Wear a Suit and Tie, the Man of God Ought to at Least Wear a Suit as Well