Here We Go and the Devil Is a Lie: No Wonder God Is Dismantling and Destroying America Piece by Piece: Biden Chooses Homosexual Drag Queen Who Walks Other Human Beings Around Like Dogs, Which Even the LGBT Community Is Against, to Be Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy. Daniel Whyte III Asks Otis Moss III, One of the Main Pastors Along With Many Other Pastors Who Supported Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and Homosexuals Being Members in the Church, and Who Supported Obama’s Push for Homosexual Rights, Homosexual Marriage, and Homosexuals Being Accepted in the Church, How Are You Doing Now? You Probably Need to Go Ahead and Admit That You Are Wrong and You Did Not See This Coming, Because Surely You Do Not Believe That God Approves of This Demonic Abominable Behavior, and I Am Sure That You Would Not Want a Man in Your Church, in Front of Your Children, Who Is a Drag Queen Walking Other Men Dressed Up as Dogs.

It Is Sad What Women Are Doing to Their Bodies With Plastic Surgery and It Is Sadder Still That Christian Women Have Followed Suit. Please Understand, Ladies, That if You Are Fake on the Outside Then You Are Fake on the Inside. It Is a Sin to Mutilate Your Body This Way. This Is a Tragedy. Surgery-addicted Social Media Star Unveils Her New ‘Barbie Nose’ and ‘Cat Eyes’ Two Years After She Almost Died During an Extreme Operation to Craft ‘the World’s Fattest Vagina’ — a Little Leaven Leaventh the Whole Lump. Sin Will Take You Further Than You Wanted to Go, Keep You Longer Than You Wanted to Stay, and Make You Pay More Than You Wanted to Pay