Ed Litton Says the Southern Baptist Convention Must Deal With ‘Stains’ of Racism and Sexual Abuse to Regain ‘Moral Credibility’ – Daniel Whyte III Says to Ed Litton, the Southern Baptist Convention Would Gain Instant Credibility if You Humbled Yourself and Resigned, and This Is From Someone Who Is Outside of the Southern Baptist Convention but Still Loves the Southern Baptist Convention and Is Praying for It to Do What It Should Have Already Done for America and the World

Russian Beauty Queen Left Unable to Close Her Eyes or Smile After $4,000 Plastic Surgery — Daniel Whyte III Says Women, as I Have Told You Before, It is a Sin Against God to Mutilate Your Body Like This. Second, You Need to Understand That God Made the Body in Such a Way That If You Mess With It in One Place, It’s Going to Impact Other Parts of the Body. Third, as I Have Told You Before, If You’re Fake on the Outside, You ARE Fake on the Inside. May God Help You.