Tom Ascol Says, ‘The Southern Baptist Convention Needs to Return to the Fear of God’ at Meeting Sponsored by Liberty University and Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Hours before the start of a consequential meeting on sexual abuse, a Southern Baptist splinter group hosted right-wing politico Charlie Kirk and decried Critical Race Theory and other hot-button political issues that they said were existential threats to the nation’s second-largest faith group.

For months, concerns had bubbled about the nexus between right-wing political figures and the Conservative Baptist Network, a self-described “grassroots” movement of churches that was formed in 2020 in opposition to what they view as a liberal drift in the Southern Baptist Convention, one of the most theologically and politically conservative denominations in the country.

The CBN is backing Florida pastor Tom Ascol in Tuesday’s expected presidential election; Ascol has been outspoken for years on CRT.

Kirk, the head of the right-wing group Turning Point USA, spoke to the breakfast and warned of a coming wave of persecution of Christians that pastors must actively push back against, including by voting for Ascol. He said many pastors have been “complicit” in what he said were attacks on Christianity.

“It’s the pastor who walks in the (Black Lives Matter) march,” Kirk said. “It’s the pastor who puts a rainbow flag outside their church. It’s the pastor who says Jesus might have been a socialist or that the Bible is not (the literal word of God).”

“Our beautiful faith is under attack from within,” Kirk said.

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Source: Houston Chronicle