Voddie Baucham Eviscerates Matthew Vines and His Heretical Book ‘God and the Gay Christian’ and the Gangster Sodomite Tare-rists Who Have Infiltrated the Evangelical Church – Daniel Whyte III Says Let’s Be Clear: There Is No Such Thing as a “Gay Christian” and if Your Lifestyle Includes Putting Your Penis in a Man’s Anus or Taking a Man’s Penis in Your Anus, Man Lying With Man, or Whatever Lesbians Do With Each Other, Woman Lying With Woman, You Have Never Been Born Again. You Are Not Saved and Do Not Deceive Yourself: You Are on Your Way to Eternal Damnation in Hell. I Say the Same Thing to Heterosexual Men and Women. If a Heterosexual Man Is Putting His Penis in Woman’s Vagina That Is Not His Wife and That Is His Lifestyle, He Is on His Way to a Devil’s Hell as Well. If You Are a True Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, That Will Determine Your Behaviour and Lifestyle and It Will Line Up With the Holy Scriptures