Ray Comfort Believes He Knows Why the World Is Fine With Steph Curry’s Faith in Christ but ‘Hates’ Tim Tebow’s Faith in Christ. We Never Thought People Would Even Think So Deeply as That, but Ray Comfort Before You Go Too Deep Into That, We Love Tim Tebow but He Is No Angel Because He Canceled a Meeting With Pastor Robert Jeffress and First Baptist Dallas Because He Was Trying to Curry Favor With the Homosexuals in New York to Keep His Job With the Jets, So Be Very Careful Where You Are Going With This. Methinks You Are Looking Too Deeply Into Something With Curry Where It Seems Like All He Wants to Do Is Point Back to God and Jesus Christ for His Talent Which Was All Tebow Wanted to Do While Playing Football. But We Are Interested in How Far You Are Going to Go With This Strange Deep Thinking. By the Way We Love You Too Brother Ray Comfort and We Are Thankful to God for Your Soulwinning Efforts