African American Brothers Share Details of Wrongful Imprisonment After Being Framed for Murder and Drug Possession in Ecuador

Ronell and Roja-John “John” Stephenson

Can it all be simple? Apparently not for two American brothers who found their simple life overseas transformed into life behind bars for a crime they say they did not commit.

Blavity reports Ronell and Roja-John “John” Stephenson got way more than they bargained for when they were arrested for killing two boys from an indigenous family in 2017. The crime resulted in a sentence of 34 years and eight months for John and Ronell, despite being busted without evidence for possession of guns, drug trafficking and murder.

In a two-part interview, titled “Americans Seek Justice In Ecuador Prison,” posted in June on the You Tube channel dcbornrob – Erasing Borders, John Stephenson retraced what led to their current situation, which started as an attempt to live a simple life without complications after falling in love with Ecuador while participating in a 2012 exchange program. At the time, John was living in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, as a student of Washington and Jefferson College. Two years after graduating from the school, John moved back to Ecuador with this dad.

“I fell in love with what I saw here. I love the natural, organic life and it inspired me to move back here,” John told dcbornrob.

Starting fresh in Ecuador with his brother, John purchased a farm in Palora, Ecuador in June 2013. The Stephenson brothers eventually fixed up their new surroundings, built several other homes and opened a small tourism resort.

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SOURCE: EURweb, Chris Richburg