Michael Brown on Is the Left endorsing conversion therapy for trans children?

In a surprising editorial published in the Washington Post, two transgender activists and psychologists, Laura Edwards-Leeper and Erica Anderson, are now advocating for “gender-exploratory therapy” for trans-identified youth before rushing into puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and sex-change surgery. Shades of what we conservatives have been saying for years!

Except that when we said it, we were vilified as bigoted transphobes who wanted to implement the barbaric and primitive practice of – get ready! – “conversion therapy.”

But when pro-trans psychologists say, “Many of our health professionals are affirming kids too quickly in their trans identity,” they are now enlightened thinkers whose views should be embraced with respect. How ironic.

To be absolutely clear, Edwards-Leeper and Anderson remain staunchly opposed to people like me (and you?).

They write, “Together, across decades of doing this work, we’ve helped hundreds of people transition their genders. This is an era of ugly moral panic about bathrooms, woke indoctrination and identity politics in general. In response, we enthusiastically support the appropriate gender-affirming medical care for trans youth, and we are disgusted by the legislation trying to ban it.”

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Source: Washington Post