What in the World is Going on in Tennessee? First Pastor Bryan Yawn Committing Adultery, Then Pastor Tavner Smith is Caught Kissing a Woman Who is Not His Wife, Then a Fight Breaks Out in Pastor Kevin Adams’s Church, and Now This. Women in Perry Stone’s Ministry Allege Sexual Misconduct, Say FBI Is Investigating Televangelist Perry Stone. Stone Was Describing to His Followers How Some People Walked Away From Religion in Recent Years, the Voice of a Woman in the Back Brought the Auditorium to Silence. She Said in a Loud Angry Voice, “Probably Because You Keep Touching Them, You Nasty Perv,” She Yelled. “Why Don’t You Tell Them the Real Reason Why They Left? Because You Kept Touching Them.” In Return Perry Stone Attacks the Secular Media Two Days After the Chattanooga Times Free Press Reported on It by Saying That the Devil Can Twist Words in YouTube Video and That Is True but the Truth Is Traditionally the Secular Media Doesn’t Want to Have Anything to Do With the Hypocrisy in the Church. They Would Rather for the Christian Media to Handle That but What Has Happened Down Through the Years Is Much of the Christian Media Has Covered Up Sin in the Church and Some Have Been Bought Off Through “Generous Offerings” Especially When It Comes to So-called Powerful Preachers and That Is Why We Are in the Situation We Are in With the Coronavirus Plague. The Question Is Not Whether the Secular Media or the Christian Media Lies. Unfortunately, They Both Do. The Real Question Is Whether You Are a Perverted Whoremongering Predator Pastor Who Is Touching Women in the Church. That’s the Only Thing That Really Matters and if You Have Done It, Have You Been Dealt With About It? If You Have Done It, You Need to Confess It, Repent, and Go Sit Down Somewhere Until God Tells You to Get Up. The Christian Media Has to Tell the Truth About the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Church Otherwise We Will Not Be Like God our Father Who Told the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About His People in the Bible

Oprah Ain’t Playing Y’all. Oprah Lays Down the Law: Oprah’s Strict Holiday Visiting Policy Requires Guests to Be ‘vaccinated, Boosted, Tested, and Quarantined’ – and Even Her Best Friend Gayle King Fell Short. The Coronavirus Plague Thrives Not in Quick Visits to the Grocery Store but in Gatherings Like Family Gatherings, Business Gatherings, Church Gatherings and So Forth. Oprah Isn’t Playing and That Is Why She Is Still Alive and You Don’t Need to Be Playing if You Want to Be Alive

The Sin of Onan on Steroids: Men, Stop Mutilating Your God-given Body as a So-called Act of Love for Your Woman: Men Across America Are Getting Vasectomies ‘As an Act of Love’ for Their Wives and Girlfriends — Daniel Whyte III Says the Destruction of Manhood Continues. It Is So Sad That Jezebel Women, Pastors and Pastor’s Wives in the Church, the Government, and Society Have Beat Men Down So Badly That Men Foolishly Think That Cutting Off Their Own Testicles Where They Can’t Even Produce Babies Anymore Is an Act of Love. Excuse Me My Sweet Evangelicals but This Is Not an Act of Love, This Is an Act of More Bull-Sheep. I Am 61 Years Old and in All My Days I Have Never Thought of Doing Something So Insane as That and I Am Telling All Men (and I Am Glad I Don’t Have to Tell That Many Black Men Because Black Men Do Not Think Like That) but I Am Telling All Men NO WOMAN Is Worth Cutting Your Gonads Off for. (Now People I’m Not Stupid. I Know It’s Not Cutting Off Their Testicles. I Know It’s Just a Little Nipping and Cutting but I Say There Should Be No Nipping and Cutting in That Area Unless It Is Circumcision When the Boy Is Young. Gentlemen and Wildmen Do Not Let the Jezebel Women, Pastors and Pastor’s Wives in the Church, the Government, or Society Take Away Your MANHOOD. NO WOMAN IS WORTH THAT.