Christian Brother DeVon Franklin Files for Divorce From Christian Sister Meagan Good After Nine Years of Marriage – No Discerning Christian in the Church Is Shocked by This. These Two People Are Just a Prime Example of the Many Other Phony and Fake Marriages in the Church Today. With People Not Keeping Their Vows to God, Lying About How Wonderful Their Marriages Are Even Up to the Day of the Divorce, and Divorcing and Remarrying Seemingly Without Any Compunction About It Whatsoever, No Wonder the Church Is Under the Rebuke and Chastisement of the Lord Jesus Christ. Evidently the WAIT Was a Waste of Time and Now the WAIT is Over! And Shame on Bishops, Pastors, and Church Leaders Who Allow, Encourage, and Coach These Phony Married People to Do This Foolishness in the Church, Provoking Other Less Fortunate Young Couples to Do the Same, Which Has Helped Cause This Disaster We Are in Right Now

Daniel Whyte III Gives a Sobering Perspective on the Very Sad Death of Nick Cannon’s 5-month-old Son – King David, Nick Cannon, and Hubris. He Also Repeats What Prophetess Juanita Bynum Said When She Went Slap-off on Women Who Go to Church With No Bra, No Panties, and No Stockings, and Dress Immodestly Otherwise in the Standing Between the Living and the Dead Memorial Prayer Devotional Service for Coronavirus Victims and Their Families #571 / Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying Evangelistic Campaign Day 84 Preached Today