Serious Enough for You Now, Barack? Furious Parents Tell Obama to Apologize to Vindicated Couple and Their Daughter, Who Judge Finds Was Raped by a “Transgender” Boy in a Skirt in School Bathroom After He Called It ‘Fake Outrage’ – Daniel Whyte III Says People, Don’t Be Too Shocked at His Stupid Comments Because He Is the President That Initiated This Hellish Confusion in America, but Sadly, the Other Presidents, Including Trump, Have Allowed It to Continue Instead of Stopping It When They Had a Chance. God Gave Trump an Opportunity to End This and He Chose Not to Do So Because His Mentor Was a Homosexual Who Died of AIDS, and the Current President, Biden, Was the One Who Pushed Obama to Do It, and Most Preachers in the Church Can’t Say Anything Because They Have Been Bought With 30 Pieces of Silver and Have Sanctioned It and Allowed It in Their Churches.