Wow: I Did Not Know an Alligator Can Move That Fast in Water: Terrifying Moment Swimmer Is Chased and Bitten by an Alligator in a Brazilian Lake

A swimmer was attacked by an alligator in Brazil after he ignored warning signs that a lake was infested with the predators.

The victim, who was bitten in the arm, was attacked by the alligator shortly after going for a dip in the Lago do Amor in Campo Grande, a popular tourist area.

Willyan Caetano, who filmed the incident on October 23, spotted the man entering the dangerous waters at around 4.40pm.

After getting around 30 yards off shore, the man saw the alligator moving rapidly across the water towards him.

The man turned towards the shore and tried to swim back as quickly as possible.

Mr Caetano said: ‘Suddenly, to my surprise, an alligator starts chasing him.

‘He tried to swim fast to get away, but the alligator managed to reach him and land a violent bite on the man’s arm, who came out of the water with his arm all bloody and very scared, saying he didn’t know there was an alligator.’

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Source: Daily Mail