Father Is Suing Loudoun County After His 15-year-old Daughter Was Raped in So-called ‘Gender Fluid’ Girls’ Bathroom by a Skirt-wearing Male Student – Only for Police to Arrest Him After He Complained at a School Board Meeting; Daniel Whyte III Tells All Christian Parents to Stop Being Selfish and Get Your Children Out of These Hell-hole Schools Now. A Family Will Never Fully Overcome Their Daughter or Son Being Raped by a Male Dressed in a Skirt. Pray for This Family.

The Great Nike Jordan Chairman Larry Miller, Who Rose to the Highest Levels of Business and Sport While Carrying a Deep Dark Secret, Does What Christian Minister Ravi Zacharias Did Not Do Before He Died and Divulges the Deep Dark Secret: He Reveals He Murdered an Innocent Teen When He Was a Gang Member in 1965 and Served Time in Jail and Has Kept It Secret From Michael Jordan and Nike Until Now. All Christian Ministers Should Do the Same and Not Pull a Ravi. If Larry Miller Can Do It, All Ministers of the Gospel Can and Should Do It.