Amsterdam Hostage Incident: Gunman Mown Down by Police as Victims Are Released After 5 Hours

Police have mowed down an armed robber who held dozens of staff at an Apple store in Amsterdam hostage.

All hostages held at the shop in the Dutch capital’s bustling Leidseplein district have now been freed, after a gunman was spotted inside the building five hours ago.

They were taken to a police station to give witness statements and access victim support.

Dutch Police admitted to stopping the gunman by hitting him with a vehicle “as he ran out”.

He has now been taken to hospital and an “extensive research” of the store will now take place.

Earlier this evening police said the hostage-taker was “lying on the street” where robots were examining him for explosives.

They later confirmed the device on his chest, which looked like a bomb vest, was not active.

A police statement said at the time: “Police officers control him from a distance with firearms. The hostage is safe.”

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Source: Mirror