Google Joins Reset the Net, Releases Source Code for Chrome Encryption Extension

Google has joined the Reset the Net campaign and has released the source code for a Chrome extension that provides easy end-to-end encryption.

Google joined the campaign that plans to act on 5 June in a global effort against plans to limit internet freedom. Reset the Net already has many backers including Reddit and it will use the day to highlight privacy issues and security measures. The effort is supported by the Fight for the Future internet activist organisation.

In support of Reset the Net, Google announced its own security contributions and encouraged a culture of privacy and security.

Google said that it encrypts all the mail messages that it can but it knows that it is hard for individuals to secure and encrypt all content that is sent between other email accounts.

“Both sides of an email exchange need to support encryption for it to work; Gmail can’t do it alone. Our data shows that approximately 40 to 50 percent of emails sent between Gmail and other email providers aren’t encrypted. Many providers have turned on encryption, and others have said they’re going to, which is great news. As they do, more and more emails will be shielded from snooping,” Google said in a blog post.

“For people looking for even stronger email security, end-to-end encryption is a good option – but it’s been hard to use. So today we’re making available the source code for End-to-End, a Chrome extension. It’s currently in testing, and once it’s ready for general use it will make this technology easier for those who choose to use it.”

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SOURCE: Dave Neal 
The Inquirer

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