Kim Landers, Former Wife of Pastor Andre Landers, Who Divorced her After She Was Diagnosed with Cancer and Married Another Woman, Gives Gracious Response to News That he Lost Megachurch Building

Pastor Andre Landers (L), who cheated on and left his wife Kim (R) and remarried, has lost his church.
Pastor Andre Landers (L), who cheated on and left his wife Kim (R) and remarried, has lost his church.

A Georgia megachurch pastor who cheated on and divorced his wife while she battled Stage 4 cancer, has lost his church.

Andre Landers of Higher Living Christian Church, who is now remarried to a woman named Yvette, is planning to launch a new ministry.

According to a Christian Post report, Landers’ building in McDonough, GA was seized by the Evangelical Christian Credit Union and will be sold at a public auction Jan. 3, 2017 to recover the nearly $22 million debt owed on the property.

He and his entire membership were evicted by the local Sheriff’s Department, causing some to say the failure of the leader’s ministry is God’s judgment for his wrongdoing.

“It’s a righteous judgement that was destined to come to fruition. One should not be surprised or dismayed. The Most High is your covering and source. Not only will you survive; you will THRIVE!!!!” wrote LayDee Chokmah on Facebook.

However, despite Landers’ harsh critics, his ex-wife Kim, who co-founded the church with her then husband in February 2001 in the home they shared with only 25 members, is being gracious about the church’s downfall.

Kim Landersand the two daughters she shares with her ex-husband Andre Landers (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Kim Landers and the two daughters she shares with her ex-husband Andre Landers (Photo Credit: Facebook)

On Facebook, the cancer survivor, who was married for 25 years, wrote, “…All I can say is that I am truly saddened and very heartbroken over this news. Many of you have called, texted, and DM’d me out of concern and love for my daughters and I. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out.”

The single mom of two who refuses to be bitter added, “Honestly, all of our lives have been greatly impacted over the last couple of years. But, we have chosen to trust God and stand on His Word no matter what. Knowing that there is light at the end of every tunnel. I see the light and it’s shining bright. I love you all.”

Back in April, the pastor’s ex admitted she was blindsided by her partner’s decision to dump her. In a lengthy Facebook post, she said he announced the divorce to the congregation without her knowing he had intentions of splitting up.

These last two plus years of my life have been nothing short of a nightmare. As I have been in a very public legal battle attempting to settle my divorce with my former husband. Well, on Thursday of this week my divorce officially became final. I am a single woman again. Boy, how weird does this actually feel after being married for over 25 years.

It is a very bitter/sweet moment for me. Bitter, because as Christians we should honor our vows to one another through faithfulness. Further, we should have faith to believe and trust God that there is nothing too big for Him to handle or solve. But, on the other hand, the sweetness is that I can fully move on with my life with no further hindrance and stress. Through all that I’ve been through, the only regret that I have is that I never was given an opportunity to say a final good-bye to the members of Higher Living Christian Church.

This still hurts my heart to this day. The day Pastor Landers made the announcement to the congregation close to some two years ago about “our decision to go our separate ways” (meaning divorce), I had no earthly idea that was going to take place. I was totally blindsided to hear that an announcement had been made in my absence. As well as, blindsided by my then husband wanting an actual divorce, as I never wanted to be a divorced woman. I honor marriage and the sanctity thereof.

To that end, I am here to officially say good-bye to the members of HLCC and that it was an honor and a pleasure serving you as your First Lady for some 13 plus years. I just needed to say this to all the members both former and current. As far as my future, I am very optimistic and hopeful of this new trajectory that God has me on.

In closing, I humbly ask that you would continue to keep the entire Landers family in your prayers, in hopes that one day total healing and forgiveness will take place in the hearts of myself, Andre’ and our children. And our extended families.

Ms. Kim Landers

Looks like the couple’s breakup isn’t the only rocky transition.

The 4,000-seat Higher Living Christian Church, which boasted 10,000 members at its height, crumbled as well. Now Pastor Landers is forced to move on.

On Facebook, he announced that he will be launching a new ministry, iThrive Christian Church Jan. 8, which will hold services at Charles Drew High School in Riverdale.

“That’s gonna be our temporary location until God identifies a place for us. I’m looking forward to new beginnings,” he said.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine News