The Morphew sisters really are daddy’s girls and they obviously believe their dad is innocent. Or, as has been said, they also had problems with what their mother was about: Barry Morphew walks out of jail arm-in-arm with his daughters after posting $500K cash bail as police release evidence pictures of his missing wife, Suzanne, and her abandoned bike as it’s revealed she ‘kept secret notes detailing his abuse’

Murder suspect Barry Morphew grinned for the cameras as he walked out of jail on Monday, with a daughter on each arm, after posting $500,000 bail. Barry, who is suspected of killing his wife Suzanne who has been missing since Mother’s Day 2020, looked disheveled but happy as he walked to his car after leaving the Chaffee County Probation Department. Police released the affidavit for the arrest of missing mom Suzanne Morphew’s husband Barry on Monday and the 130-page document includes a photo of Morphew’s abandoned bike and notes on her phone about her husband’s ‘abuse.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail