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June 1, 2014

Nearly 200 Southern Baptist Groups and Christian Ministries Join Battle Against Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

Several Southern Baptist and secular organizations have filed a friend-of-the-court brief to support a legal challenge to the Obama administration's contraception mandate by the Southern Baptist Convention's insurance provider and evangelical ministries."Scripture and Southern Baptist belief prohibit not only direct... Continue Reading →


So Much for Sentimental Value: Terrell Owens’ Wife is Selling Wedding Dress on eBay

How would you like to own a special memento from a one-time spouse of an NFL All-Pro? Granted, it might not be one of Gisele Bundchen’s catwalk leftovers, or Kristin Cavallari’s outfits from The Hills, Rachel Snider is selling the dress she wore when she wed... Continue Reading →

Wow! Sex-Reassignment Surgery Can Now be Covered by Medicare Following HHS Decision

The Obama administration on Friday ended a 33-year ban on Medicare coverage for gender reassignment surgery — a major victory for transgender rights and a decision that is likely to put pressure on more insurers to provide coverage for such... Continue Reading →

Eric Metaxas on a Story Behind the Black Mass

by Eric Metaxas As you may have heard, a club at Harvard had planned to reenact a “black mass” at the university's Memorial Hall. For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of a “black mass,” my friend Timothy George,... Continue Reading →

President Obama has Been Urged to Offer Safe Haven to Sudanese Mother Sentenced to Death for Faith

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins joined thousands of Americans in urging the Obama administration to grant immediate refugee status to a Sudanese mother who is in a prison with her 20-month-old son and newborn daughter after being sentenced to... Continue Reading →

“Brady Bunch” Housekeeper Ann Davis Dies

Ann B. Davis, who played beloved housekeeper Alice on TV's The Brady Bunch, has died at a San Antonio hospital. Bexar County, Texas, medical examiner's investigator Sara Horne told the Associated Press Davis died Sunday morning at University Hospital. An... Continue Reading →

Gov. Rendell says, ‘I Could Have Been on That Doomed Plane’

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Sunday that Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz invited him on the doomed flight that crashed, killing seven. Rendell said Katz tried to persuade him Friday to attend an event at historian Doris Kearns Goodwin's... Continue Reading →

Molly Worthen of the Daily Beast Asks, Did Conservatism Doom Southern Baptists?

America’s largest Protestant denomination cracked down on moderates when the culture wars hit, arguing that liberalism led to decline. Now they’re hemorrhaging members just like everyone else. It’s hard to overstate the importance of soul-winning to Southern Baptists. So they’ve... Continue Reading →

Now, Even the Bieb Gets Caught Referring to Black People as “Niggers” in Crude Joke

Troubled pop singer Justin Bieber is now facing new problems after a video has emerged of him telling a racist joke that included him dropping the N-word five times. The Sun newspaper in England released the disturbing video of the racist... Continue Reading →

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