Kentucky Father Kills Himself and the Stepfather of his Kids; Also Accused Local Pastor in 2006 of Stealing his Wife

Zuriel Turk
Zuriel Turk

The man police said shot and killed the stepfather of his four children and himself in a Dairy Queen parking lot Sunday spoke to WCPO in 2006, accusing a minister of stealing his wife.

Authorities say 41-year-old Zuriel Turk killed 62-year-old Mark Kroening at about 6 p.m. Sunday when Mark went to drop off his four stepchildren to Turk for an arranged visit just outside a Dairy Queen on Decoursey Pike in Latonia.

Shortly after firing multiple shots into Mark’s car, Turk committed suicide in front of his children, Covington Police Chief Spike Jones said. The children range in age from 10 to 15.

In an online blog post earlier this month on May 18, Turk called his ex-wife Amy Kroening and her new husband Mark “kidnappers” — claiming his children were stolen from him.

“My dear children…I write this letter to you because you have truly been kidnapped from me and all other ways of me communicating with you has been cut off by your kidnappers,” Turk wrote in a blog post on May 18, 2014.

But this wasn’t the first time Turk made these allegations.

In a lawsuit filed in Kenton County in 2006, Turk accused his then minister William Frey of abusing his position of trust and stealing his wife. Frey was the pastor of the Covington Baptist Temple.

“He did a very good job of silencing me,” Turk said in an interview with WCPO in 2006. “He separated me from the church… my family, my friends… He seduced her. He told her that he loved her more than I did.”

Amy filed for divorce from Turk in 2005.

WCPO also interviewed Frey in 2006. Frey denied any wrongdoing and said he did not have a sexual relationship with Turk’s wife.

Frey’s temple eventually paid Turk $3,000 to settle the suit.

But Turk told WCPO his lawsuit wasn’t about money. He said it was to reclaim his family.

“I went along with everything until (Frey) wanted my family,” Turk said. “And I decided I wasn’t going along anymore.”

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Brian Mains, Maxim Alter

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