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Strange Bedfellows? Why Facebook Is Teaming Up with Influential Churches to Build Meaningful Communities

On a recent April Sunday morning, crowds streamed into the grand lobby of Mt. Zion Baptist Church as they faithfully do every weekend. What was unusual about this particular service was who was there to greet them. Smiling faces offered bright, warm... Continue Reading →


Jeff Bezos Reveals Amazon Has Over 100 Million Prime Members

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has released his latest annual shareholder letter. In the letter, Bezos stressed the importance of having high standards in running a business. By setting high standards, companies are able to live up to "ever-rising customer expectations,"... Continue Reading →

Netflix Has Considered Buying Movie Theaters in Los Angeles and New York to Gain an Oscar Edge

Netflix, the global streaming giant that has dramatically changed the TV industry and clashed with movie theater owners, may be ready to move onto the big screen in a new and surprising way — by owning cinemas. The Los Gatos,... Continue Reading →

Amazon and Best Buy Team Up to Sell Fire Edition Smart TVs

Brick-and-mortar retail is dead? Don't tell that to Best Buy. Or Amazon for that matter. The two companies announced a partnership Wednesday to sell smart televisions in Best Buy stores that run on Amazon's Fire TV operating system. Best Buy (BBY) said... Continue Reading →

Apple Reportedly Planning to Launch Premium Subscription Service for News

Apple is planning to launch its own premium subscription service for news, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. The subscription could launch later this year in an updated version of the Apple News app, according to the report. Last month, Apple bought... Continue Reading →

Ford to Introduce New Mustang at 2019 NASCAR Cup Series

Ford has confirmed that it will introduce the Mustang for the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series. It currently runs the Fusion in the top-tier Cup series and it is the oldest make on the grid after Chevrolet introduced its new Camaro... Continue Reading →

Tesla Temporarily Suspends Production of Model 3

Tesla eased off the accelerator in manufacturing its new mass-market electric car as the company faces questions over its ability to make new vehicles in large quantities. The company has temporarily suspended production of the Model 3 as it remains... Continue Reading →

Former Tesla Workers File Lawsuit Alleging Racial Discrimination and Abuse at Electric Car Factory

On a fall evening in 2015, Owen Diaz went to drop off food for his 20-year-old son Demetric, whom he’d helped find a job at the same Tesla Inc. factory where Owen operated elevators. As he turned the corner, the... Continue Reading →

Samsung Releases Galaxy J2 Pro Smartphone That Can’t Connect to the Internet

Well, here's something you don't see announced often (or ever, for that matter): A smartphone that can't connect to the Internet. That's right, Samsung's new Galaxy J2 Pro (it ain't a "pro" anything if it can't go online) is intentionally... Continue Reading →

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