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June 13, 2014

Mosquito-borne Illness from the Caribbean Starts Showing Up in U.S.

A Forsyth County (North Carolina) resident who recently returned from the Caribbean has been diagnosed with the state’s first case of chikungunya, a painful illness transmitted by mosquitoes, according to state public health officials. County and state health experts are... Continue Reading →


Lincoln Electric to Pay Out $1 Million After Rejecting Over 5,500 African-Americans Who Applied for Employment

Investigators with the U.S. Department of Labor say a contract compliance evaluation of Lincoln Electric, found that between 2005 and 2007, the global welding giant systematically rejected the job applications of more than 5,557 African Americans seeking entry level positions... Continue Reading →

President Obama Visits Sioux Lands to Honor Native Americans Who Served in U.S. Wars

Hours after adjourning a tense Oval Office meeting about the Iraq crisis, President Obama found himself on the ancestral lands of Chief Sitting Bull, taking part in a celebration to honor American Indians who have served in America’s foreign wars. On a windswept... Continue Reading →

Obama Frustrates Supporters by Delaying Immigration Issue Despite Cantor Loss

To the frustration of many of his supporters, President Barack Obama is backing away from immigration changes he could make on his own. He is kicking the issue to House Republicans instead, despite mounting evidence they won't address the millions... Continue Reading →

After Celebrating 99th Birthday of Billionaire Patriarch, Rockefeller Family Mourns Son’s Death in Plane Crash

The Rockefeller family, after celebrating the 99th birthday of its billionaire patriarch David, is now planning a funeral for his doctor son after a morning plane wreck. Richard Rockefeller died at the controls of his private Piper Meridian PA-46 when... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Slams Iraqi President and ‘Dysfunctional’ Government

Warning that the United States doesn’t want to fight Iraq’s internal battle, Hillary Clinton on Friday blasted the Mideast nation’s “dysfunctional” government and said the battle there has “global consequences.” Clinton made the comments, her most robust on the deteriorating... Continue Reading →

Ex-Muslim Sues First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa for Publishing News of his Baptism; Says it Led to his Torturing on Trip to Syria

A former Muslim who converted to Christianity has filed a civil lawsuit against a Tulsa church, arguing that leaders endangered his life by publishing his baptism announcement. The man, only identified as John Doe, filed the suit this week against... Continue Reading →

200 Sheep Killed from Trailer Crash in Oregon

Oregon State Police say about 200 sheep are dead after the rollover crash of a livestock trailer that was hauling more than 300 of the animals. Lt. Gregg Hastings says most of the dead sheep were killed in the Friday... Continue Reading →

Obama says No Combat Troops in Iraq, but Airstrikes are Possible

No troops to Iraq, but other options are being considered. That was President Barack Obama's message Friday in response to the lightning advance by Sunni militant fighters in Iraq that could threaten the government of Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.... Continue Reading →

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