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Google is Getting Into the Domain Business; Should GoDaddy be Worried?

Watch out, GoDaddy. Google is making moves on your turf. It looks like the search giant is getting into the domain registrar business; Google has a "beta" site available at The service is invite-only for now, but it looks like it... Continue Reading →


Will Independent Online Storage Companies Get Squeezed Out of the Market?

As the price of online storage plummets, can independents like Dropbox and Box survive? If history repeats itself, then all those smaller companies are about to get squeezed by some very powerful market forces. Over the past year, the per-gigabyte... Continue Reading →

WSJ Report: Apple’s iWatch to Go On Sale in October

The wait for Apple’s smartwatch may be over soon as signs that the company’s plan to launch a watch become ever more concrete. The smartwatch will come in several varieties with different display sizes, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. It... Continue Reading →

Google Buys Home-Monitoring Startup, Dropcam, and Some Say the Search Giant’s Intentions are a Bit Creepy

After weeks of speculation, Google is reportedly buying the home-monitoring startup Dropcam, which will allow the behemoth to physically enter the homes of consumers. The price tag is said to be $555 million. The acquisition, which will fold Dropcam into Google's Nest... Continue Reading →

Google Launching New Push To Get Girls Into Coding

Diana Navarro loves to code, and she's not afraid to admit it. But the 18-year-old Rutgers University computer science major knows she's an anomaly: Writing software to run computer programs in 2014 is — more than ever — a man's... Continue Reading →

Google Will No Longer Accept Porn In Ads, Apps

Google is cracking down on sexually graphic content with two recent policy changes, one implemented in March and one that started last week. The new rules take steps to eliminate explicit material in Google’s advertisements and apps. Google will no... Continue Reading →

Google Signs Deal with Portland Officials to Bring Fiber Internet Service to the City

Some Portland residents will have another alternative for Internet service soon, as this week the Portland City Council has approved a franchise agreement with Google to bring its fiber service into the Northwest locale. Google will apparently offer free Internet... Continue Reading →

Google’s New Satellites: All-seeing Eyes for Good or for Evil?

The reach of Google’s online empire is hard to overstate. In a sense, the Google search engine is the loom through which the entirety of the public internet is woven. With tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs, the... Continue Reading →

Google Plunks Down $500 Million Cash for Satellite Imaging Start-up, Skybox

Google has purchased a satellite imaging company, Skybox, for $500 million in cash earlier this week, Washington Post reported. According to Google, Skybox will be helping them in keeping Google Maps up-to-date with the latest satellite images. Over time, Google hopes that Skybox's... Continue Reading →

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