Louisiana Judge Reverses Decision to Grant Man Full Custody of Child Conceived After He Allegedly Raped Woman When She Was 16

A Louisana judge reversed John Barnes’ custody decision. (WBRZ)

A Louisiana judge has temporarily reversed his decision to grant a man full custody of the 16-year-old girl conceived after he allegedly raped her mother in 2005, according to a report.

Judge Jeffrey Cashe, during a hearing on Tuesday, placed the teen in the care of a guardian pending a July 15 hearing to determine who will get custody, WBRZ reported.

Mom Crysta Abelseth told the station last week that her daughter’s dad, John Barnes, raped her when she was 16 after picking her up at a bar.

Abelseth alleged that Barnes, who was 30 at the time, impregnated her during the attack. She later gave birth to a girl who is now 16, according to the station.

Barnes reportedly came back into the picture five years later. A split-custody agreement was reached in 2015 after Judge Cashe took over the case.

Barnes, a businessman who owns tech company Gumbeaux Digital Branding, was granted full custody in March, and Abelseth was ordered to pay him child support as part of that ruling.

He denies Abelseth’s allegations, and told Fox News on Monday, “I had no idea she was 16, and I didn’t rape her.”

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SOURCE: New York Post, Joshua Rhett Miller