Nashville Pastor Frank Stevenson May Lose His Job for Licensing Multiple Women to Be Ministers

PHOTO CREDIT: Nashville News Channel 5
PHOTO CREDIT: Nashville News Channel 5

These days, it is becoming increasingly commonplace to see women pastors and preachers like Jasmine Sculark, Paula White, Cindy Trimm, and Joyce Meyer go forth in ministry. But not everyone agrees that they should.

A Nashville pastor is in scorching hot water with his denomination after licensing multiple women in his congregation.

According to Nashville News Channel 5, Pastor Frank Stevenson of St. Luke’s Primitive Baptist Church is bucking more than 100 years of tradition with his perceived radical actions. In his denomination, women are not permitted to be licensed leaders in the church. Thus, he is defying the laws of his organization.

The blowup is causing some to question whether it is a primitive notion—no pun intended—that women should not be given authority by the church to lead.

Stevenson apparently thinks so and consequently, has chosen to overturn tradition, knowing full well he would receive major backlash.

“I was actually preparing for this before we licensed the ministers,” he told the news. “I knew that there were some that would again hold to tradition versus the spirit of God. So we had already been praying and looking at all the avenues and aspects that we needed to address this very biased way of trying to orchestrate ministry.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Byron Scott

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