Police Release Sketch of Brooklyn Suspect Who Stabbed Two Little Children in an Elevator

Police Release Sketch of Brooklyn Suspect Who Stabbed Two Little Children in an Elevator

The NYPD has released a sketch of the suspect in the stabbings of two children in Brooklyn Sunday night, and says the attack may be related to the fatal stabbing of an 18-year old Friday night just blocks away.

Authorities say they have identified several common factors in the cases, including the types of weapons used in the two homicides, and the close proximity of the incidents, leading detectives to believe that both cases may be related.

A cab driver found Copeland’s body Friday near the intersection of Linwood and Stanley Avenues. She had been stabbed several times.

The two children were stabbed, one fatally, just before 6 p.m. Sunday in a housing development on Schenck Avenue near Stanley Avenue in East New York.

Relatives say 6-year-old Prince Joshua Avitto, known as PJ, and 7-year-old Mikayala Capers were off to get ice cream on a warm spring evening when they were attacked by a knife-wielding killer while riding the elevator down to the building lobby.

Avitto was stabbed multiple times and rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Capers was stabbed more than a dozen times but survived, and she is recovering after undergoing surgery.

The suspect, who took off on foot, reportedly told the children to shut up before stabbing them. The only description of the man is that he is heavyset and in his 30s.

The NYPD has released a photo of the knife used in the attack. The knife is described as a Dura Lock knife that has not been manufactured since 2004.

NYPD detectives converged on East New York Monday, determined to find the killer and protect the neighborhood until they do.

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Source: WABC

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