A Pastor Does Not Deserve a STANDING OVATION When he Confesses His Sins, Faults, Failures, and Foolishness. When Pastors Admit Their Sins That Disqualifies Them to at Least Continuing in That Role as Pastor at That Particular Church, we All Should be Crying Instead of Applauding and Rejoicing. — Daniel Whyte III Says This is a Part of the Satanically-Driven, Fandom Foolishness, and Groupie Foolishness Where People Are More Concerned About the Pastor Who Failed Than the Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who he Failed. Pastors are Not Heroes and NOT EVEN SO-CALLED CHURCH LEADERS; They Should be Humble Servants Who Should be Thanking God For Giving Them the Privilege to Serve Him. They Are Not to be Celebrated as Celebrities. They Should be Prayed For Without Ceasing Because They Are Sinners Saved by Grace, Who Should be Constantly Doing What Jesus Christ Told His Crucifixion Eve Disciples: “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41)

HERE WE GO and THE DEVIL IS A LIE: Chris Rufo, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute, Says Chicago’s Largest Children’s Hospital, LURIE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, Has Partnered With Four Public School Districts to Push “KINK” FOR KIDS, “BDSM,” and “TRANSGENDER-FRIENDLY” SEX TOYS For Children — Daniel Whyte III Says to the So-called “INCLUSIVE” WOKE Pastors in Evangelicalism and Fake Christianity, Now, Even You Are Shocked, Aren’t You? You Never Thought the Homosexual Sodomite Crowd Would Go For the JUGULAR VEIN OF OUR CHILDREN Even Those Sick and in the Hospital, Did You? You Really Thought You Were Being Loving, You Really Thought You Were Being Magnanimous When You Allowed the Homosexuals as Members Into the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Didn’t You? Well, I Say, Using the Words of Malcolm X: “YOU BEEN HAD! YOU BEEN TOOK! YOU BEEN HOODWINKED! BAMBOOZLED! LED ASTRAY! AND NOW YOU HAVE CAUSED THE CHURCH, THE NATION, AND THE WORLD TO RUN AMOK!”

HERE WE GO and THE DEVIL IS A LIE: Presbyterian Pastor Tells Bible-believing Pastors and Bible-believing Christians “If you’re a Christian and you’re distressed about the acceleration of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer (the so-called LBGTQ+) into the mainstream and how it affects society, how it affects your kids, etc., and maybe you consider yourself kind of a culture warrior for biblical marriage, please realize that the very first responsibility that you have to have any right to speak into these things, is to have a biblical marriage.” — Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says, I TOLD YOU SO. I Have Said Repeatedly Over the Past Few Years, One of the Reasons Homosexuals Have Been so Bold About Trying to Become Members of Local Church Congregations is Because They See the Divorced and Remarried Pastor and His Wife as Hypocrites, They See the Divorced and Remarried Deacons as Hypocrites, They see Half the Church Divorced and Remarried as Hypocrites, They See and Know About the Fornication That Goes on Among the Young People and College Students in Your Church Because They Went to School With Them, and They See the Parents of These Young People as Hypocrites Because They Allow Them to do That. They Also Have a Long List of Scandals of Pastors Having Side Pieces and Committing Adultery With Multiple Women in the Church and See the Pastors as Hypocrites and Stand Ready to Put the Scandals on Youtube to the horror of Pastors and Pastors’ Wives. In fact, Some Pastors Have Paid Lots of Money to Homosexuals to Keep Their Names and Their Wives’ Names Off of Youtube. They Also See the Fake, Phony, Evangelical, Christian Marriages of Many Pastors and Their Wives and Other Christians as Hypocritical and a farce, so They Say They Can’t Keep me Out of the Church With All This Hypocrisy Going on in the Church. And, so Their Demonic Plan to Infiltrate the Church Has Worked Because So-called INCLUSIVE Pastors do Not Love Them; They Fear Them. I Still Say With Dr. David Jeremiah, “I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE DAY.”