WATCH: Self-Proclaimed Pastor Denis Kintu of Empowerment City Church in Hoima, Uganda, is Arrested After Being Caught Literally Calling People up to the Front of the Church to be Severely Whipped and Beaten With What he Calls a “MAGIC BLESSED STICK.” Now, we Have Heard it All: Holy Blessed Water, Holy Blessed Cloth, Holy Blessed Trinkets From False Prophets on Television, But we Have Never Heard of the “Magic Blessed Stick.” And we Have Never Heard of a Pastor Taking a Stick and Whipping His Church Members Behinds. We Believe That Pastors Are to Help Keep Their Sheep in Line, But This is Taking it a Bit Too Far.

We at Black Christian News ( Warned You Years Ago, That the Pope Was on a Clandestine Mission to Make the Catholic Church an “Inclusive” Church to Accept the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexuals, and So-Called Homosexual Marriage Acceptable in the Church, Even to the Point of Allowing Them to Become Members, Which is an Abomination in God’s Sight. Well, Here is a Timeline of the Pope Moving the Catholic Church, Slowly But Surely, Towards Accepting the Abomination of Homosexuality Into the Catholic Church.

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Who Has Preached the Gospel and the Word of God Out of the King James Version of the Bible For Over 43 Years, Tells the Independent Baptist Brethren at STEDFAST BAPTIST CHURCH in Watauga, Texas, Who as Far as he Knows is the First Group of Christians in History That Has Burned Bibles That Contain the Word of God–NIV, ESV, NASB, and NKJV Versions of the Bible. Whyte Says, the Great Independent Baptist Men of History and the Present, Such as DR. JOHN R. RICE, DR. LEE ROBERSON, DR. JOHN MCNEAL, JR., and DR. JAMES EARLS, Who Had Similar Convictions as You do, Would Have Never Done in a Million Years What You All Have Done. In Fact, That Thought Would Have Never Entered Into Their Minds. Believe it or Not, Thousands of People Have Gotten Saved Through the Preaching of the Word of God From the Versions of the Bible You Burned. Brethren, This is a Very Foolish Thing That You All Have Done, and I Believe That You Will Answer to God For it. Make Sure That You Have Not Gotten Caught up in the Demonic Spirit That Social Media Fosters, and That is Trying to do Things to Get Followers, Likes, and to Become Famous. Respect Other Christians and the Liberty That we All Have in Christ Jesus, NOT TO SIN, But Regarding PREFERENCES. And Remember, You do Not Have to Defend a Lion, Just Unleash It. Stop all of This Foolishness and Just Preach the Word in Season and Out of Season, and God’s Word Will do the Job, and God Will Get All of the Glory.