CHARLES “TOLD PRINCE HARRY NOT TO BRING MEGHAN TO BALMORAL TO SEE DYING QUEEN.”  HARRY TOLD MEGHAN “STAY IN WINDSOR.” HEN-PECKED HARRY, This is What You Get When You “HEARKEN TO THE VOICE OF YOUR WIFE” and HER MEGXIT FOOLISHNESS. You Are a Man Who Has Lost All That You Have Ever Known and All of the Stuff That Made You Important and Great, and Now, You Are Humiliated as Your Father Prince Charles Had to Tell You Not to Bring Meghan to Balmoral to See the Dying Queen. Then You, Probably the Queen’s Favorite Grandchild, Was Late Getting There and Did Not See Her Before She Died. What a Royal Mess You Got Yourself Into, Harry! And Then This DAGGAR From Your Father, Now King Charles III, When he Gave You This One Sentence in His First Speech as King When he Said: “I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as THEY CONTINUE TO BUILD THEIR LIVES OVERSEAS.” This is King Charles III’s Kind Way of Banishing You From the Royal Realm “to a Place Overseas.” Harry, it Might be Wise For You to Man-up, Stop Hearkening to the Voice of Your Wife, and Apologize Publicly to the King and to the Royal Family, and From This Point Forward Lead Your Family From Megxit to Get Back in the Good Graces of Your Father King Charles III So You Can do the Job You Were Raised to do, if it’s Not Too Late.

WATCH: As Vice President Kamala Harris, Who is For the Murder of Innocent Babies Through Abortion, Told a Room of NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION PASTORS in Houston, Texas, These Words: “One does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held religious beliefs to agree that a woman should have the ability to make decisions about her own body and not have her government tell her what to do,” it is a Shame That She Received a Rousing Applause as She Spoke Deceptively About the MURDER OF INNOCENT BABIES. — Daniel Whyte III Says, Just Like There Are Many White Republican Southern Baptists Who Love Politics and the Republican Party More Than They Love God and Obeying God’s Word, so it is With Some of the Black Democratic National Baptists Convention People Who Love Politics and the Democratic Party More Than They Love God and Obeying God’s Word. Also, Sad to Say, Both the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention Have Many Men Who Have Bought Into the Demonic Lie and Philosophy Sold to Them by Evangelical Pastors and Writers and That is, ‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,’ and ‘Happy wife, happy life”; Which Has Made Many Men Hen-pecked, Controlled, and Dominated by Their Wives and Other Women in their Family and in the Church. Could it be That That Rousing Applause, Which Vice President Kamala Harris Received After Such an Ungodly Statement, Came Because of That? Some Men Will do Anything to Keep the Peace With Their Wives, Daughters, and Other Females in Their Family and in the Church. The Church Has Fallen Away Into the Ditch Because The “Blind Are Leading the Blind.”