BREAKING: ELIZA FLETCHER IS DEAD. Again, Daniel Whyte III Tells Women Including His Many Daughters and Grand-daughters, I know You Want to be Footloose and Fancy Free and do What You Want When You Want, But You Are Not Living in That America Anymore Because Due to Online Pornography, Video Games, Rape and Murder Movies, a Church That Has Fallen Away, and Other Reasons, Demon-Possession in Men Has Increased. Psychologists Would Call it “a Compulsion” But it is Actually Demon-Possession. So be “Wise as a Serpent and Harmless as a Dove” and do Not do Risky Things Like Going Running at 4:30 in the Morning by Yourself, or Going Shopping Late at Nights by Yourself. In Fact, if I Were You, I Would Plan my Day Around Bright Sunshine. Now, Regarding Eliza Who Literally Had it All And a Great Future in Front of Her, I Want Everybody to Pause a Few Minutes AND NOT “TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE,” Whatever That is, But if You Are a Born-Again Christian, Pray For That Family and Pray Also For the UVALDE FAMILIES. For Your Own Benefit, Stop Doing What You Are Doing and Try to Feel the Devastating Pain of All of These Families That Will Never Go Away, and no Medicine Can Make it go Away.

In Light of the New Blasphemous Movie “HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS, SAVE YOUR SOUL,” Believed by Dr. Larry Reid and Others to be About the Saga of BISHOP EDDIE LONG, Daniel Whyte III Made Some Comments and Offered Some Theories About What Really Went Down With the Eddie Long Situation, Including the Possible Obama Administration’s Involvement and Other Thoughts and Theories on Why Did THREE PROMINENT WHITE SOUTHERN BAPTIST PASTORS All Lose a Child To Suicide While Trying to Help President Obama; and White and Black Pastors Doing SOME STRANGE, DISOBEDIENT, AND FOOLISH THINGS FOR TRUMP, and How That DR. HARRY JACKSON and REV. HERMAN CAIN Died For Nothing During the Trump Administration, and How That PASTORS ARE NOT DIVINELY EQUIPPED to Deal With Presidents and People in High Government Positions and Should Stay in the Pastorate Because They Always End up Being Used by the President and Not Used by God.