There’s a devil loose: Some sorry men will do anything for a woman in the name of love: Chinese couple are sentenced to death after father killed his two toddlers by throwing them off a 15th-floor balcony because his new girlfriend did not want to raise another woman’s children

Zhang Bo, 27, threw his two children, aged 2 and 1, (both children pictured right) from his apartment building (inset) in Chongqing, China, because his new girlfriend Ye Chengchen did not want another woman’s kids. Bo’s daughter Zhang Ruixue died instantly, while his son Zhang Yangrui, 1, died shortly after from his injuries. The 27-year-old had met Ye Chengchen, who he wanted to marry, but she refused to accept him while he already had children and so did her parents. He was filmed banging his head on the wall and crying uncontrollably, which prosecutors said was all a sham. Pictured left: Bo with his girlfriend Chengchen.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail