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March 23, 2017

Federal Appeals Court Rules that Texas School Board Does Not Violate Constitution by Beginning Meetings with Prayer

A federal appeals court ruled that a Texas school board does not violate the U.S. Constitution by beginning its meetings with student-led prayers. In American Humanist Association et al v Birdville Independent School District et al, the Fifth U.S. Circuit... Continue Reading →


Texas Wesleyan Captures 2nd NAIA Men’s Basketball Title

Texas Wesleyan is returning to Fort Worth with the school’s second national championship in basketball. Tournament MVP Dion Rogers poured in a game-high 28 points and Ryan Harris 21 for the Rams, who were the fresher, more aggressive team in... Continue Reading →

Dallas Woman Kills Husband at Work After Finding Him with Another Woman

A 41-year-old woman is accused of killing her husband after showing up at his job and confronting him about his infidelity. Police say Shazetta Jackson-Pickett, who is facing a murder charge, shot her husband, 37-year-old Chester Pickett, around 11:45 a.m.... Continue Reading →

Katherine Jackson’s Nephew Denies Charges of Elder Abuse, Says Jermaine Jackson is Trying to Get her Money

Katherine Jackson’s nephew, Trent Jackson, has filed new court documents that dispute her recent allegations that he “manipulates” and “bullies” her and her claims of elder abuse. The mother of the late Michael Jackson filed a restraining order against Trent, who worked... Continue Reading →

Naika Venant, 14-year-old Florida Girl Who Live-streamed her Suicide, Was Prescribed Drug that Carried Suicide Warning

When a Miami psychologist examined Naika Venant in June 2015, she found a “depressed, angry and fearful young girl” who thought often about death and dying. “She expects people to abandon and betray her,” the psychologist wrote. Terilee Wunderman diagnosed... Continue Reading →

SERIAL NOVEL: “The Correction” (Part 2), by Daniel Whyte III with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV — Episode #12 Now Available (Chapters 34, 35, & 36)

Click here to read the story.

Supersonic Jet Which Could Travel from London to New York in 3 Hours Gets Funding to Tune of $33 Million

Engineers promising to turn London to New York into a day trip have got the funding they need to build the world’s fastest passenger jet. Boom Supersonic said it received $33million (£26million) in funding and was ready to build its... Continue Reading →

Postponed Healthcare Vote Signals No Good Options for Trump and Republicans

Thursday was supposed to be a glorious anniversary for President Trump and the Republicans. Seven years after President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, Republicans were poised to take the first concrete step toward repealing and replacing that law.... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Woman Brutally Assaults Daughter for Reciting Bible Verses Incorrectly

A Middletown woman was arrested after police said she severely assaulted her daughter and kicked her out of her house because the girl incorrectly recited Bible verses to her last week.  Police filed child endangerment charges against Rhonda Kemp Shoffner, 41,... Continue Reading →

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